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NEPAL Annapurnas And Temple Bells

Fort Hotel

The Fort Hotel is a stylish place built in Newari style on the site of an original fort. It is perched on one of the highest hills on the Nagarkot Ridge and boasts one of the country's best Himalayan views including Dhaulagiri in the west and Mount Everest in the east. The secluded and peaceful two-storey cottages each have private balconies, the perfect location for capturing sunrise and sunset. Being on a steep hillside it can be quite a climb to your room! There is a good restaurant -much of the food comes from the hotel's organic farm and a fun Nepalese-style bar. Hot water bottles are provided in the winter months. The air is clearest between October and March, which is also the time to bring a warm jumper. The Fort allows you the opportunity of visiting rural Nepal without having to venture too far into the country as Kathmandu is only an hour away.

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