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The Debrett's Foundation, U.K.

Family background, geography and schooling can have an adverse impact on the university and career prospects of less-privileged children. To help combat this, the Debrett’s Foundation provides young, academically talented, students with training in business skills as well as access to the powerful Debrett’s network, allowing them to secure internships, work experience and mentoring opportunities. It specifically supports and champions social mobility to ensure that the next generation of leaders are from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Pebbles Project, South Africa

Based in the Hemel and Aarde valley, Pebble’s main emphasis is providing support and education for children in an area of South Africa where both are lacking. They work with children and families in the Winelands farming communities, focussing on aiding the challenging circumstances in which they live in and attempting to make a significant and lasting difference. Since launching in 2004, Pebbles has impacted the lives of children in areas of education as well as nutrition, health, community and protection. Projects include launching a school bus, after-school club, playground, and gardening / food-growing project.

Prospect Burma, Burma

Prospect Burma began in 1989, and is now dedicated to supporting the transformation of Burma through the education of its people. Prospect Burma awards higher education scholarships to passionate and visionary Burmese people, to provide the current generation with the skills and expertise to shape the country they want to live in. The organisation believes in the ability of education to create a peaceful, democratic, inclusive and just society.

Jim Edwards Wildlife Research Centre, Sri Lanka

JEWRC was started by Jim Edwards in Kathmandu approximately 25 years ago, to support and defend wildlife in Chitwan. Following Jim’s passing, a fund was set-up to continue conservation work in his memory. Based on his love of Sri Lanka, the fund built the Wildlife Research Centre in Gay Ola. The centre focuses on research and conservation of the flora and fauna within this beautiful region.

Salaam Baalak Trust, Delhi

Below Connaught Place is an underpass that is home to some of Delhi’s poorest families. Every evening, SBT visits Kislaya Hanuman Mindar with a nurse, social worker, teacher and play therapist, to meet and interact with the children. They treat ailments, teach, play and wash faces. The ultimate goal is to offer the children, who have never lived indoors, an open door to their residential homes, secure future jobs and learn to build a safe circle of friends.