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Lola Pasquier

Sri Lanka, India & Japan Specialist

Lola Pasquier

Lola was born in Paris to a French father of Pied Noir heritage, and a half-English half-German mother, and raised between London and Paris in a multicultural home. From a young age she was travelling and experiencing new cultures, combining her two biggest loves in life: food and travel. Her family life has always been centred around the kitchen, putting to use all those generations-old family recipes, and a thousand others picked up on family travels, and this is where her interest in cooking and travelling (on a quest to discover new food) began. During her studies Lola spent a year in Vienna, and it was here that she realised that she felt most at home immersed in new environments, and happiest when on the hunt for new things to experience. Pursuing a career in travel was the perfect excuse to fulfil her wanderlust.

In 2016 Lola spent seven weeks travelling back and forth between her two favourite destinations, Sri Lanka and India. Whilst she describes Sri Lanka as the perfect all-rounder destination and loves it for its calm beauty, laid back attitude and incredibly varied landscape, India is somewhere she wants to discover more and more, describing it as one of “the most exhilarating, intoxicating, fabulously mad countries!”

Lola's Favourites



This mango-shaped Indian Ocean island is a bountiful and spirited nation, overflowing with natural wonders, abundant wildlife, sumptuous cuisine, ancient UNESCO World Heritage sites and a rich cultural legacy. From the cool colonial Tea Country and Cultural Triangle in the country’s interior, to the curvaceous golden sands on the coast, and the plentiful national parks home to some of the best wildlife in Asia, here are our recommendations...



Lola's favourites include super-luxe tea plantation, Thotalagala, and the sexy beachfront hotel, Amangalla...

ThotalagalaView here
AmangallaView here
AmanbaghView here
The Oberoi MumbaiView here



14 days from £3,500

This tour draws pure inspiration from the late and talented architect, Geoffrey Bawa and visits the places he lived in,...

View here

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