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Shalmali Rao Paterson

Indian Subcontinent Specialist

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Shalmali was born and brought up in the Himalaya and jungles of India into a family of passionate wildlife lovers, conservationists and assorted eccentrics, who chose to call a tent, and then a wattle-and-daub hut in the forests of Corbett country, their home. The care of wildlife and the environment were always central to her family’s ethos, and Shalmali spent much of her childhood exploring the boundless surroundings and remote landscape. Her parents travelled widely across India with their work, and so they took Shalmali with them, which meant years of home-schooling. She finished her studies in Delhi, but her brush with frenetic city life spurred her to abandon its confines, and become a guide for an adventure travel company, where she was leading expeditions, treks, cycling and cultural trips.

At Ampersand, she regularly travels to both well-frequented and obscure regions of Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and India, decoding the country, culture and food and seeking to view them from a different perception. Her favourite experiences include tracking tigers by foot in the jungles of Corbett, having Sanchi all to herself at sunrise, seeing the full moon light up the Kanchenjunga base camp in Nepal and the ancient 2nd century BC frescoes of the Ajanta caves.

Shalmali's Favourites



Mountains are blanketed with evergreen forests and dotted with Buddhist temples, valleys are sliced by glacial rivers and the piney air is delicious and clean. Bhutan’s luxury hotels and lodges are divine, but it is the Bhutanese people that make your trip so special – they are extremely quick to laugh, and they’ve even been ranked number one in the...



Shalmali's favourites include trendy Raas Jodhpur, and the charming Shakti Village Houses in Ladakh...

Raas Jodhpur View here
Amanbagh View here
Shakti Village House, Nimoo View here
Chhatra Sagar View here
Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge View here



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