Namibia Springbok Passing In Front Of A Red Dune In Sossusvlei layer

Rise early to see the Sossuslvei sand dunes explode into hues of red and rusty orange. The iconic Dune 45 is the star of the show and the most photographed dune on the planet. Its name is derived from being 45 kms from Sesrium gate.

Namibia Serra Cafema Skeleton Coast Namibia 72

A beautiful young member of the ancient Himba Tribe.

Namibia Hoanib Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast Namibia 65

Spectacle in pink – flamingos gathering to breed in the salt pans in the Skeleton Coast National Park.

Namibia Helicopter In Dead Valley

Flying high above Dead Valley, Sossusvlei in a helicopter is an exhilarating and awe-inspiring experience .

Namibia Damaraland Camp Damaraland Namibia 66

The silent giants of the desert roam freely amongst the vast and arid region of Damaraland.

Namibia Sorris Sorris Damaraland Namibia 22

Interact with the wonderful local community at Sorris Sorris in Damaraland. The tribes you'll come in contact with benefit directly from the lodge through conservancy fees.

Namibia Ongava Lodge Etosha Namibia 19

Zebra enjoy a welcome drink at the local watering hole while the hartebeest antelope wait patiently for their turn in the background.

Namibia Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Sossusvlei Namibia 41

Walk through the plains surrounding the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge and drink in the peace and tranquily of these gold-hued landscapes at dusk.

Namibia Wolwedans Dune Lodge Sossusvlei Namibia 2

Expect top standards of luxury and exceptional wrap-around views from your bed at Wolvedans Dune Lodge, Sossusvlei. 

Namibia Little Kulala Sossusvlei Namibia 16

The expert guides at Little Kulala will wow you with their encyclopaedic knowledge of the majestic night skies.

Namibia Serra Cafema Skeleton Coast Namibia 13

The proud and ancient Himba Tribe of the Kunene Region in Northern Namibia are one of the last remaining tribes of Africa. Visit them while staying at Serra Cafema.

Namibia Little Ongava Etosha Namibia 22
Namibia Sossusvlei Dunes Oryx

Meet Namibia’s National animal, the bold and beautiful Oryx thought by many to be the most handsome antelope on Earth.

Namibia Serra Cafema Skeleton Coast Namibia 56

Quad biking is just one of the thrilling ways to explore this exquisite landscape from the gorgeous Serra Cafema Camp.

Namibia Damaraland Camp Damaraland Namibia 18

Damaraland Camp is owned and largely run by the local community - they are incredibly fun and friendly and will make your experience extra special.

Namibia Little Kulala Sossusvlei Namibia 30

Style, comfort and elegance envelop you at the delightful Little Kulala at Sossusvlei.

Namibia Hoanib Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast Namibia 33Jpg

The piercing gaze of a lioness as she pads across the sand dunes of the Skeleton Coast.

Namibia Serra Cafema Skeleton Coast Namibia 14

The women of the ancient Himba Tribe in Namibia are strong, brave and beautiful.

Namibia Little Ongava Etosha Namibia 56

Seeing rhino, giraffe and zebra in one frame is a real treat but not uncommon at the many waterholes at Etosha National Park. Stay at Little Ongava, which is perfectly positioned and only accommodated 6 guests.

Namibia Damaraland Camp Damaraland Namibia 23

Spot the rare desert-adapted elephant at Damaraland Camp, which have longer legs and larger feet to adapt to the harshness and the heat of Damaraland.

Namibia Namib Sky Balloon In Dunes 11

An experience of a lifetime - hot air ballooning over Namibia's eerie moon-like landscape should rank high on everyone's bucket list.

Namibia Doro Nawas Camp Damaraland Namibia 2

Animal carvings of the ancient San rock art at Twyfelfontein.

Namibia Desert Rhino Camp Damaraland Namibia 19

Take a sundowners drive at Desert Rhino Camp to enjoy beautiful mountain views, a cocktail or two and a glorious slice of solitude.

Namibia Little Kulala Sossusvlei Namibia 53

The ghostly Deadvlei at Sossusvlei is a photographer’s paradise, with contrasting pitch-black trees and bleached-white pans and the rusty-red dunes under the deep blue sky.

Namibia Nambwa Tented Lodge Bwabwata National Park Namibia 17 Nambwa Activities Elephants At Horseshoejpg

Unlike Namibia’s ‘desert’ camps, Nambwa Tented Lodge is a water based camp and there are large concentrations of elephant in the area in the dry season (June to October) 

Namibia Skeleton Coast Safaris Skeleton Coast Namibia 1

Thrill and marvel on the ultimate desert fly-in safari with the Schoeman family on a Skeleton Coast Safari – we cannot recommend it highly enough.

Namibia Serra Cafema Skeleton Coast Namibia 50
Namibia Serra Cafema Skeleton Coast Namibia 70

The Himba Tribe are thought to have been in existence since the early 16th Century where they crossed over the border from Angola into the Kunene Region to settle. Today, the way of life has changed very little for these humble and extraordinary people.

Namibia Serra Cafema Skeleton Coast Namibia 25

Viewing the sunset from a squishy sofa with a chilled glass of sauvignon watching the sun go down – an absolute ‘must’ during your stay at Serra Cafema Camp.

Namibia Hoanib Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast Namibia 105

The magnificent and elusive desert elephant roam freely through Skeleton Coast National Park.

Namibia Hoanib Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast Namibia 91

Seal colonies thrive in abundance along the dramatic and rugged coastline of the Skeleton Coast National Park.

Namibia Hoanib Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast Namibia 48

Relax around the fire at the fabulous Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp absorbing the awe-inspiring night sky of the desert beyond.

Namibia Hoanib Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast Namibia 60

Snuggle up in the gorgeous rooms at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp while you connect with yourself in the desert solitude.

Namibia Hoanib Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast Namibia 28Jpg

The King of the Desert surveying the vast and open spaces of Kaokoland.

Namibia Hoanib Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast Namibia 31Jpg

The mating dance of the Ostridge is a spectacular affair.

Namibia Hoanib Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast Namibia 32Jpg

A lucky sighting of a pride of Desert Lion walking through the hot, dry plains of Damarland in search of prey.

Namibia Hoanib Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast Namibia 15

Race across undulating sand dunes in a 4WD on an epic day trip to the coast from Hoanib Skeleton Coast and take in some truly jaw-dropping scenery. An exhilarating and surreal experience!

Namibia Damaraland Camp Damaraland Namibia 8

Roam the purple-hued hills alongside desert-adapted elephant near Damaraland Camp.

Namibia Doro Nawas Camp Damaraland Namibia 20

Sleeping under the stars is a must in a pristine environment like Doro Nawas Camp - have your bed moved onto the deck for a night under the sparkling Namibian stars.

Namibia Desert Rhino Camp Damaraland Namibia 22

At the Desert Rhino Camp you can witness the free-roaming population of desert-adapted Black Rhino of the Palmway Concession, which is monitored by the Save the Rhino Trust.

Namibia Desert Rhino Camp Damaraland Namibia 30

The mighty Black Rhino at Desert Rhino Camp, Damaraland.

Namibia Desert Rhino Camp Damaraland Namibia 9

The spotted hyena is a master scavenger and fabulously intelligent to boot.

Namibia Damaraland Camp Damaraland Namibia 67

The local villagers of Damaraland regularly invite visitors into their homes with open arms and contagious smiles.  An absolutely must during your stay at Damaraland Camp.

Namibia Little Kulala Sossusvlei Namibia 45

Flying above the voluminous dunes at Sossusvlei takes your breath away with its sheer magnitude and emptiness. Get a bird's eye view on a light aircraft or hot air balloon while staying at Little Kulala.

Namibia Little Kulala Sossusvlei Namibia 49

Mystical creatures adorn the landscape at Sossusvlei. This lovely gecko is the master of camouflage.

Namibia Little Kulala Sossusvlei Namibia 21

Freshly prepared food by the in-house chef and a view to die for, dining at Little Kulala is simply sublime.

Namibia Sorris Sorris Damaraland Namibia 6

The swimming pool at the luxurious Sorris Sorris lodge has uninterrupted views of Damaraland's rugged desert scenery and dramatic mountains beyond.

Namibia Namib Sky Balloon In Dunes 3

Rise with the sun and drift along the majestic dunes at Sossusvlei.

Namibia Namib Sky Balloon From Above

Looking down on the undulating dunes at Sossusvlei from a hot air ballon offers a wonderful and somewhat disorientating perspective.

Namibia Little Ongava Etosha Namibia 11

The spacious and beautifully decorated suites at Little Ongava.

Namibia Little Ongava Etosha Namibia 35

 The lion’s roar is a sound that will stay with you forever. 

Namibia Mowani Mountain Camp Damaraland Namibia 19

Effortlessly blending into the towering boulders of Damaraland is the captivating and enchanting Mowani Mountain Camp, an ideal base from which to explore this ancient and fascinating desert landscape.

Namibia Mowani Mountain Camp Damaraland Namibia 36

The hobbit-like Mowani Mountain Camp is built into massive boulders and is a magical place to retreat to after a full day exploring the area.

Namibia Ongava Tented Camp Etosha Namibia 42

For the slightly more adventurous, Ongava Tented Camp offers rustic charm in classic safari tents giving it an intimate and authentic feel. 

Namibia Ongava Tented Camp Etosha Namibia 14

Saltpans stretch across the vast open spaces in Etosha providing a welcome pit stop for a wide variety of plains game and birdlife.

Namibia Ongava Lodge Etosha Namibia 41

A herd of springbok quench their thirst in one of the many waterholes in Etosha National Park. These pretty antelope are the most common to be found in Etosha and are easily identified by their distinctive and striking black markings.

Namibia Ongava Lodge Etosha Namibia 11

One of the oldest and most established lodges in Nambia is the elegant and imposing Ongava Lodge where staggering views over the Ongava Reserve make this a very special place indeed.

Namibia Skeleton Coast Safaris Skeleton Coast Namibia 3

The remarkable Skeleton Coast Safaris were established over 20 years ago and are, in our view, the ultimate way to explore this desolate and exquisite coastline. 

Namibia Serra Cafema Skeleton Coast Namibia 17

The sandy and desolate moonscape of the Kunene Region will leave you with a profound sense of peace and wonder.

Namibia Serra Cafema Skeleton Coast Namibia 67

Climbing the towering dunes of the Kunene Region is well worth it when the child in you can delight in the descent! 

Namibia Serra Cafema Skeleton Coast Namibia 42

Serra Cafema sits on the banks of the Kunene River in amongst the reeds and trees and bordered by the desert.

Namibia Serra Cafema Skeleton Coast Namibia 18

Crocodiles resting in the sunshine on the pristine banks of the Kunene River.

Namibia Wolwedans Dune Lodge Sossusvlei Namibia 13

A must-do when staying at Wolverdans is hot-air ballooning over NamibRand Nature Reserve. This seasonal delight lets you hover over the dune belts and never-ending plains of the Namib Desert, providing breathtaking 360-degree views. 

Namibia Wolwedana Boulders Safari Camp Sossusvlei Namibia 6

Enjoy an incredibly stylish 'Out of Africa' experience at Wolvedans Boulders Safari Camp, undoubtedly the most exclusive camp at Wolwedans. 

Namibia Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Sossusvlei Namibia 4

Dinner amongst the dunes at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.

Namibia Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Sossusvlei Namibia 3

Bringing new meaning to the concept of "private dining" at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.

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When to go: Namibia

High season (June-October) coincides with the dry season and is a popular time to visit. We advise booking well in advance, especially for in-demand destinations like Etosha. At the start of the season, nights can be chilly and tend to stay so throughout in the mountainous regions of Damaraland. Around Etosha, lack of rain means animals congregate at watering holes which makes good viewing, and no clouds generally mean incredible starry nights.

Rainy season starts in November, and can become heavy by December. With this comes high temperatures of (up to 40 degrees) and humidity. Apart from Christmas and New Year this is considered low season. Vegetation grows with the rain, so can become more difficult to spot game, although the scenery does become more verdant and picturesque and birdlife is more prolific.

The Zambezi region, including the Bwabwata National Park, has an almost sub-tropical climate where humidity is much hotter in summer and rainfall more heavy and prolonged. By contrast the coastal areas around the Skeleton Coast barely receive any rainfall at all, relying on the Atlantic fogs for hydration.  

British Airways offer direct flights from London to Johannesburg (duration 11.5 hours), located in the East of South Africa. SAA and Virgin Atlantic also fly this route. On arrival in Johannesburg, there are connecting flights (duration 2 hours, 15 minutes) on either South African Airlink or Comair (British Airways operated) which fly direct to Windhoek situated in central Namibia. From Windhoek, charter companies operate flights to the popular destinations of Sossusvlei, Damaraland or Kaokoland. For those on a self-drive holiday, there are a good selection of car hire companies based in Windhoek.

Please contact your GP or travel health specialist to check which vaccinations you require. A yellow fever certificate is required if arriving (or in transit for more than 12 hours) from an endemic area

For more advice, please visit the following link:

A visa is not required for UK passport holders.

However, this is an important reminder that the Immigration rules for Minors are still in effect in South Africa which will apply if you are transiting through a South African Airport en-route to Windhoek. As such, travelling with kids to South Africa currently has strict rules and requirements which need to be adhered to in order to enter the country.

Please check the following websites for more details

Approximately 11 hours 30 minutes’ direct flight from London to Johannesburg connecting to another scheduled 2 hour flight from Johannesburg to Windhoek.

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