China’s colossal size, lightning-fast development and language hurdles means a holiday to China can be hard to tackle as an independent traveller. Travelling in China need not be daunting, and Ampersand’s tailor-made holidays to China provide just the right amount of self-exploration and hand-holding, combining ultra-luxury at the very best hotels with cultural adventures accompanied by truly incredible guides. China is the third largest country in the world, and three times larger than India, so there is little doubt of the plethora of experiences on offer. The difficulty is knowing where to begin... It is also an essential stop for anyone hoping to learn more about the direction the world is taking this century. No first holiday to China is complete without visiting the truly unique city of Beijing, where you can't help but be impressed by the vastness of the Forbidden City and the scale of the Great wall of China, and the buzzing metropolis of Shanghai to learn of its colonial past and its lightning fast development of the future. Thereafter you are still spoilt for choice between travelling to Xi'An to explore the first emperor's Terracotta Warriors, delving into Yunnan province for trekking and natural beauty in the mountains, following the majestic Yangtze River or Huangpu River, eating your way through Sichuan province and Chengdu as well as visiting the popular Giant Panda Bear or going to Hangzhou, the fabled city on West Lake. And then there’s the exhilarating city of Hong Kong, with infamous shopping, cuisine and a dazzling skyline. There is something to interest anyone and plenty to learn from your holiday in China; from the way the country is being shaped in the mega-cities to the way the country used to be through its beautiful calligraphy, tea making and classical music – much of which is still practiced today, and we can organise for you to learn from the masters in their craft. Our travel advice for anyone planning a first trip to China would be to incorporate a journey on a high-speed train, to spend an afternoon at a traditional teahouse, to learn calligraphy from a master and to visit a park in the early morning to watch locals practising tai chi and sing rousing Communist songs. We believe experiences like these will make you fall in love with the country just as much as the sights will. We are constantly bowled over by China – its beauty, ancient history and powerful present are all intoxicating, but what we feel is most fascinating is the unexpectedly fun and agile sense of humour of its people. The best piece of advice we can give is to avoid trying to do too much. This is a massive country and deserves to be visited more than once.

Asia, Tailor-made . . .
'Luxury is in the experience'

We love luxury and style at Ampersand Travel, but we also love to engage with our destination. If that means the odd bumpy road or eccentric hotel in order to see something truly special, that's fine by us. Most of our clients agree (they know that luxury isn't far away, after all), and for those that don't, we are happy to arrange super-luxe holidays from start to finish.

James Jayasundera
Founder & Managing Director of Ampersand Travel


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AMPERSANDThe Bespoke Luxury Travel Experts

At Ampersand we believe that “luxury is in the experience”. We love travelling in style but are not afraid to step off the usual circuit in order to experience something more rewarding. We specialise in exclusive tailor-made holidays that are perfect for honeymoons, cultural tours, family trips, wildlife adventures, sabbaticals and multi-generational holidays.

Over the last 13 years we have established ourselves as a leader in luxury Asia holidays to the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia and the Far East. In keeping with our desire to share the places we know and love best, we are thrilled to add the British Isles to our portfolio of destinations.

Our clients are mostly private individuals who recognise that time is their most precious asset and want to entrust it to experts with a well proven track record. This smoothes out the planning process and ensures that they have the most rewarding and memorable experience possible. We also look after some of the world’s most acclaimed museums and organisations who rely on us to arrange once in a lifetime group tours for their most important patrons.