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Yoga in the witching hour at the ghost city of Bhandarh, India

Amanbagh Yoga 3
Happy Halloween! Here’s an idea for a wonderfully haunted holiday experience: head for the deserted city of Bhangarh for a yoga session on an abandoned temple plinth as the sun rises. Built in the late 1500s by Diwan Madho Singh of the Jaipur Royal Family, according to local villagers these splendid ruins are haunted, hence it is known as 'Bhangarh of Ghosts'.

Once a city of magnificent bazaars, palace, gardens, temples and bathing pools, legend has it that the city was suddenly deserted overnight after it was cursed by an evil court magician, Selu Sewra, who had unsuccessfully attempted to seduce Bhangarh’s virtuous and beautiful Queen. A surreal and magnificent site at any time of day, when experienced in the witching hour before dawn, it promises to be a yoga session you won’t forget! Return to the land of the living back at the Amanbagh, one of India’s most beautiful and luxurious resorts.

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