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China: A Land of Numbers

CHINA Small Recontructions Of The Teracotta Army In Xian China
"The most of this...the oldest of those...the biggest of that..."

Conversations about China can be both overwhelming and dizzyingly littered with superlatives. When I was living there I was bowled over on a daily basis by the discovery of some new and almost unfathomable fact. My regular amazement at the country I was living in is one of the many things I miss now I've returned from China.

Here is a little summary of China by numbers:

People Power

●    China has 1.357 billion people (19% of the world's population; nearly three times more than the EU).
●    An estimated 350 million fewer people are born due to China's one child policy.
●    120 boys are born for every 100 girls (effect of one child policy).
●    China has a lower population density than the UK and Germany.
●    30,000,000 Chinese people live in caves (traditional dwellings that are perfectly inhabitable and enjoy satellite TV).
●    In 1973, China sent 10 million Chinese women to America to boost U.S. population.
●    China has 5 million military servicemen.
●    China has 54 million Christians (more than Italy). Sunday service attendance is higher in China than in all of Europe combined.
●    There are 56 distinct ethnicities in China but 93% of the population is of the Han ethnicity.
●    China farms more pigs (446 million) than the next 43 pork producing countries combined.
●    50,000 cigarettes are smoked every second in China.

Money Matters

●    China's GDP is 59.6% of the size of USA's (IMF, 2014).
●    China's GDP is predicted to overtake the USA's in 2019 (The Economist).
●    China's economy has grown at an average of 9.8% annually for 35 years.
●    In last 35 years the amount of GDP generated by privately owned firms (rather than state owned) has grown from 0% to 70%.    

CHINA - Shanghai City Skyline
Building a Modern Nation

●    China used more cement from 2011 to 2013 than America used in the entire 20th century.
●    There are now 70,000 miles of railway in China (10,000 of which are highspeed with a top speed of 311mph).
●    The highest train route in the world (5,072m) runs from Qinghai province to Lhasa in Tibet.
●    A new skyscraper is completed every five days.
●    There are currently 630 million internet users in China.

Burgeoning Luxury Market

●    China has the world's fastest growing 5* hotel industry.
●    China has more Mandarin Orientals, Banyan Trees and Shangri-Las than any other country.
●    Aman Resorts recently opened Amandayan in Lijiang and plans are quietly afoot for Shanghai.
●    China has 47 UNESCO World Heritage sites (2nd only to Italy with 50).
●    With a record 107 million outbound Chinese tourists in 2014, China's luxury industry has a vast and demanding market that it is growing to satisfy.

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