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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan Now

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan Now

By Catriona Deredas, Asia Specialist 

Japan: a weird and wonderful destination, lightyears ahead in modernity, yet with such ancient traditions weaving its way through the culture. It has been a country which has fascinated me for some time, and I have wanted to visit for years and years, so when the opportunity to go arose, I couldn’t resist! From the moment I boarded my flight with All Nippon Airways, I was a buzzing ball of uncontrollable excitement – the 11 hours couldn’t pass quickly enough! Many of my friends, family and clients have told me that visiting Japan is top of their lists, and now is the perfect time to go. Based on my travels from my own introductory tour of Japan, here are my top ten reason for why you should visit now:

1). The People

I can honestly say that the Japanese are the friendliest people that I have met in the world! They are polite, helpful considerate and don’t want to inconvenience anyone. It is a refreshing attitude and environment to be in!

People 1
People 2
People 3
2). The Food

The Japanese certainly now how to cook and their presentations are like a work of art, not to mention completely delicious!

Food 1
Food 2
Food 3
Food 4
3). Tokyo City Vistas

Vibrant and buzzy Tokyo has so much to offer, but the unique architecture and sky high views across the city are incredible!

Tokyo 1
Tokyo 2
Tokyo 3
4). The Hotels

From the quaint and traditional rural ryokans to world-class chic and luxurious hotels, there is something for everyone in Japan.

Hotels 1
Hotels 2
Hotels 3
5). The Culture

The ancient Japanese culture dates back hundreds of years, and is still remains unchanged in today’s culture.

Culture 1
Culture 2
Culture 3
Culture 4
Culture 5
6). The Temples & Shrines

Japan is full of beautiful Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines which are just waiting to be explored.

Temples 1
Temples 2
Temples 3
Temples 4
Temples 5
7). The Gardens

Perfectly manicured landscape gardens are scattered throughout Japan, offering a beautiful and peaceful place to contemplate your surroundings away from the hectic buzz of the cities.

Garden 1
Gardens 2
Gardens 3
8). The History

From ancient sites and monuments dating back hundreds of years, to the most recent Second World War site of Hiroshima, Japan has a rich and interesting history.

History 1
History 2
History 3
9). The Weird & Wonderful

Japan is full of these sights! Everything you can expect and everything you didn't even know existed, Japan has it!

Weird 1
Weird 2
Weird 3
Weird 4
10). The Countryside

Japan isn’t just about the cities, it has beautiful rural areas too. Perfect to break up the city visits and to connect with nature.

Countryside 1
Countryside 2
Countryside 3
Countryside 4

If you need any help or advise in planning your next Japan holiday, please do not hesitate to contact me on +44 (0) 207 819 9770 or drop me an email on It would be a pleasure to help!