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Photoblog: A Chinese Adventure

Photoblog: A Chinese Adventure

“Ni Hao!” Now that Ellie and Rosie have returned from their particularly thorough 3-week recce of China, they have had some time to reflect on their adventures. Three times larger than India, there is little doubt of the plethora of experiences on offer, but the difficulty is knowing where to begin. Follow in the footsteps of their journey with this enthusiastic and energetic photoblog.

Great Wall Of China
The Great Wall of China fresh off the plane! We can’t wait to report back over the next couple of weeks about our adventures in this extraordinary country. It’s going to be an incredible journey.

Aman Summer Palace
Aman Summer Palace is the stuff of dreams. Aman never fails to disappoint, and the authenticity and tranquil setting of Beijing’s very own, is just ideal.

Beijing Summer Palace
What can beat secret access to Beijing’s Summer Palace? The most beautiful royal hideaway, with a fascinating and tragic past. Entrancing and enthralling.

Rosewood Hotel Food
Braised aubergine and chilli; sesame and vinegar spinach; edamame; peanuts; pancakes; plum sauce… Our best meal yet. Cosy atmosphere, buzzing vibe and outstanding food at the Rosewood Hotel.

Tea Terrace At Amandayan
The view of the Tea Terrace at Amandayan in Lijiang shows what a delightfully unique and characterful destination this is. A perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of brilliant Beijing.

On first arrival at Amandayan we stepped into this light filled and tranquil room. Authentic of the Yunnan Province, it manages to be both unique and authentic.

Black Dragon Pond
Black Dragon Pond in Lijiang provided the quintessential Chinese backdrop for us today. Absolutely stunning.

Autumn In Lijiang
The colours in autumnal China are breathtaking. The architecture and flora in Lijiang are a perfect example of Yin and Yang in action.

Chengdu Pandas
It’s no wonder that Chengdu are obsessed with their pandas – just LOOK at them!

Ear Cleaning In Chengdu
It’s not rude to pick your ears in Chengdu. Especially when someone else is doing it for you… Ellie experiencing traditional ‘ear cleaning’ on Wide and Narrow Street in Chengdu.

Blue Tea At Amanfayun
Have you ever seen natural blue tea? We loved sampling this electric blue Butterfly Pea Flower tea at Amanfayun. Subtle and delicious, just like the hotel!

Fayun Village
We were transported to the old world of China by strolling along the cobble pathway, to reach the grottos and temples of Fayun Village. A remarkable aspect of staying at this unique Aman resort.

Hangzhou is famed for the exquisite quality of their Dragon Well Green Tea. No wonder when it starts life in this beautiful landscape.

West Lake Hangzhou
Our gondola rise on the West Lake of Hangzhou felt steeped in serenity. Scene after scene of Chinese snapshots emerged from the mist, proving that beauty can be found whatever the weather.

Bullet Train To Shanghai
The Best Great Western this is not… the bullet train from Hangzhou to Shanghai is incredibly comfortable, quick and efficient. No nonsense. Plus it is an excellent chance to get a sneak peek into the passing Chinese townscapes.

River Bund Shanghai
The name’s Bund, James Bund. The iconic nightscape of the Bund River in Shanghai on Saturday night. Seen from our restaurant with a view at M on the Bund restaurant.

Caught red handed! Rosie found the ideal dance partner at Fuxing Park in the French Concession, Shanghai. She had to be forcibly dragged away from the merriment…

Dragons Back Bone
We are up in the clouds staying on the Dragons Back Bone in the small village of Ping An. The mist rolls in and out by the minute, creating this ethereal landscape that feels like a dreamland.

Longji Tea Tasting
The Longji region is special in its local varieties and high qualities of tea. We were blown away with how much we learnt at out tea tasting today and how individual each teat type is. Our favourites were Osmanthus and Pu’Er… No, we hadn’t heard of them before either!

Noodles In Yangshuo
What’s better than absorbing the atmosphere of a local market? Lunch today was an authentic noodle and pork soup, slurped on a stool in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Yangshuo. It was delicious, warming and left our lips on fire!

Li River
A beautiful bamboo ride down the Li River whilst sipping Luohan Fruit tea (or wine!) is a true highlight. Limestone karsts emerging from the banks of the river create a dramatic and unique landscape that is not to be missed.

Chinese Door Sign
Some things in China just do not make sense…

Yu Long River
The sun came out for our final morning on mainland China. Our own private bamboo raft down the Yu Long River was an enchanting end to our tour of this surprising and wonderful country.

Hong Kong Tea
Sampling a local Hong Kong beverage… Pearl barley and lemon tea. Some might say an acquired taste, we say, the weirder the better!

Ritz Carlton Spa
View from the world’s highest, and surely most sublime, spa room at the Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong… You’ve got to see it to believe it.

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