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Valentines Day

Valentines Day

If you love to travel, Valentine’s Day is the time to really splash out on the one you love, and there are some truly elaborate ways you can celebrate your blossoming romance to show your significant other just how much they mean to you. This infographic is all about luxury gifts for travel lovers who have money to burn, but we also like to think that some of these gifts have beautiful meaning or can help you create exceptional lifetime experiences; things that are truly irreplaceable in love. So if you’re looking for some seriously extravagant ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, take a look at some of these amazing travel-related, and outrageously lavish gifts from around the world. If you’re going to say “I love you”, say it in style…

Luxury Valentines Day Gifts
North America
There are plenty of romantic things you can do in North America but if you really want to impress, why not relax in the world’s most expensive spa bath worth $5,000 (a romantic Evian bath in Miami), rent a luxury yacht in the Caribbean, or go diving for diamonds in The Virgin Islands? Or take her to the most iconic jewellery store, Tiffany’s, in New York and buy her a $65,000 Jean Schlumberger bracelet to mark your special trip. Alternatively, Tiffany’s is also a popular jewellery store for engagement rings (hint hint).

South America
Many parts of South America offer something different for the adventurer. So if you don’t want typical romance but something that will really blow his or her mind, surprise your significant other with a luxury experience at Rio Carnival ($2,958 for a luxury suite), enjoy a luxury river expedition in the Upper Amazon in Peru ($7,830 per person), or take your loved one on a magical South Pole Excursion ($45,800 per person). These experiences don’t come cheap but the memories are priceless.

In Dubai you can sip on the world’s most expensive wine (if you can part with $195,000 for a bottle), in Fiji you can rent your own private island just for you and your beau (and perhaps your entourage if you want to be waited on hand and foot), and in India you can even book a stay in a real Indian palace in Jaipur at the Shahj Mahal. For something slightly more affordable though, try tasting the world’s most expensive coffee in Vietnam or go on a trek to hunt down the world’s most expensive flower in Sri Lanka.

Going on safari is an exquisite adventure and for couples, it can be an extremely romantic way to celebrate an anniversary. If you want to make your safari adventure even more spectacular, a private helicopter ride of the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or a private wildlife tour on the Ol Jogi Safari in Kenya will definitely help you impress your Valentine. And with no-one else around you, your private experience will make you feel like the only ones there… what an amazing way to experience Africa’s wildlife.

European city breaks make for the most romantic getaways, especially at this time of year. If you want an experience like no other, try extreme skiing in Norway or enjoy a very exclusive meal in Ibiza’s Sublimotion (a double Michelin Star establishment serving a taster menu for $1,700 per head).