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Introducing Ampersand's 7 Unusual Escorted Journeys

Introducing Ampersand's 7 Unusual Escorted Journeys

The world may be conquered, but enough secrets remain for us to whisk you off on a magical carpet ride, and reveal some of the rare, unexplored experiences that the globe has to offer. We have carefully curated Ampersand’s 7 Unusual Escorted Journeys, to offer a small group of like-minded Ampersand clients the opportunity to experience a place, people or natural phenomenon under the chaperone of an expert, who can bring it even more vividly to life.

Packed with special touches and extraordinary private access experiences, these journeys offer the conviviality of a group tour, whilst retaining some of the independence and flexibility of a private trip; perfect for those who would not ordinarily consider travelling with others. And just as the tours are a varied selection, so are the guides themselves…

Each of our charming, diverse and distinctly different guides will show you the true character of each destination and take you beyond the norm, whether you find yourself in a luxury tent in the northern most reaches of India, a family-run farmhouse in South Africa’s world-class Winelands, a Geoffrey Bawa architectural masterpiece on the palm-fringed coast of Sri Lanka, or a medieval castle in one of Ireland’s most picturesque regions.

So, let us take you on a journey; click on the links below and see where we’re taking you…

* August 2018: Sri Lanka - A Changing Island with James Jayasundera 

* August/September 2018: Spiritual Ladakh in the Summer with Shalmali Rao Paterson 

* November 2018: Royal Rajasthan for Diwali with Cosmo Brockway 

* November 2018: A Bon Vivant’s Tour of South Africa's Winelands with James Jayasundera 

* January 2019: Angkor & Beyond, in the Footsteps of Henri Mouhot with Richard Saward 

* March 2019: An Unusual Journey to Punjab & Kashmir for Holi with Cosmo Brockway 

* Spring 2019: Ireland's Country Houses, Castles & Gardens with Cosmo Brockway 

* Ampersand's 7 Unusual Escorted Journeys


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