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  • Orchaella Yangon Burma 2  (1)
  • Orchaella Yangon Burma 1  (1)
  • Orchaella Yangon Burma 3  (1)
  • Orchaella Yangon Burma 5  (1)
  • Orchaella Yangon Burma 4  (1)
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Orcaella, named after the friendly faced dolphins native to South East Asia, is the newest addition to Belmond's range of luxury cruisers. Each of the boats 25 en-suite cabins has floor-to-ceiling glass doors, providing constant views of the river and its banks. Orcaella is one of the few luxury cruisers that comes complete with a pool, and also has a large lounge area and observation decks from which you can watch the local scenery unfold. There is also a fitness centre and spa, complete with beauty therapist and resident doctor – all of your needs really are taken care of on board the Orcaella. You will be spoilt for choice of excursions and activities: from musical performances by local villagers to fascinating lectures and private parties held on board.For those who love cruises it is the perfect way to travel down the Irrawaddy River and see another side to this beautiful country.  

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