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  • RV Paukan Bagan Burma
  • BURMA RV Paukan Irrawaddy River 2
  • BURMA RV Paukan Irrawaddy River
  • RV Paukan Bagan Burma 2
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  • RV Paukan Bagan Burma 3
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RV Paukan

Paukan is the ancient name of Bagan, the old city of two thousand temples on the bank of the Irrawaddy River. RV Paukan, built in 2007, might be the younger sister ship to the Pandaw which was built in 1947, but she is a bigger vessel at 183ft in length. The Paukan is a boutique hotel on the river, beautifully furnished with a unique combination of modern and traditional motifs. The timber-walled cabins are furnished with colonial style cupboards, dresser and doors while the ceiling is traditional Burma. On the upper deck the windows are directly on the side of the boat, which no other cruise offers, and is great benefit. The single or double beds are comfortable with a capacity 55 guests who will be looked after by a 30-member crew. There are two massage rooms on the lower deck offering traditional Burmese massage designed to give soothing relaxation. The sun deck is very large offering great panoramic views and a bar/lounge for relaxation (and a place to escape the midday heat). The upper deck has a lecture/ movie room with a projector screen.

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