BURMA - MandalayBURMA - U Bein Bridge, MandalayBURMA - Mandalay - Mingun white templeMandalay Burma 3 Mandalay BurmaBURMA - Mandalay - Mingun Stupa
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  • BURMA - Mandalay
  • BURMA - U Bein Bridge, Mandalay
  • BURMA - Mandalay - Mingun white temple
  • Mandalay Burma 3
  • Mandalay Burma
  • BURMA - Mandalay - Mingun Stupa
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The name Mandalay conjures up alluring ideas of a serene and peaceful place, being timeless and quintessentially Asian. Unfortunately the 21st century Mandalay is a fast growing, slightly scruffy place which is developing along the lines of a modern Chinese city with quite a lot of noisy traffic. Fortunately there are more than enough attractions in and around this former royal capital to make a visit well worthwhile. The city is at the hub of river routes from China and India and land routes from the Shan massif and Thailand beyond. Built along banks of the Irrawaddy River in the heart of Upper Burma, King Mindon moved the royal capital to the site from nearby Amarapura in 1856 and constructed the new capital and the staggering Mandalay Palace

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