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Mekong Safari Tent

The Mekong Safari tent is set on a beautiful sandbar, surrounded by flooded forest and abundant birdlife. The tents are based upon African safari tents and consist of two layers, the outer waterproof layer and the inner layer which has insect protection and includes five meshed windows for light and breeze during the day. With standing room throughout, the tents have twin camp beds, with foam mattresses and cotton bedding as well as a sitting area under the awning. The tents have toilet and shower tents nearby to ensure maximum privacy in the middle of nowhere. The shower is the same as an African bush shower, essentially a heavy-duty bag that is filled with water and has a handle to stop and start the flow. All meals are freshly prepared using local ingredients.

Mekong Safari Tent Kratie Cambodia Mekong Safari Tent Kratie Cambodia
Mekong Safari Tent Kratie Cambodia 1 Mekong Safari Tent Kratie Cambodia 1


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