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Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is still finding its feet again as Cambodia's capital as years of war have taken their toll. The Khmer Rouge emptied the city of it inhabitants and frog marched them to the countryside for re education as labourers or to be taken to the infamous Killing Fields outside the city, never to be heard of again. After the Vietnamese invasion in 1979 and the fall of Pol Pot, people began to move back and by the early 1990s as hopes for peace grew; foreign investment began to trickle back into Phnom Penh. It retains a rather dusty, small town feel but in places it is easy to imagine the city as it was, and will be again, with its shady boulevards, French colonial buildings, pagodas, monks' saffron robes and the glittering spires of the Royal Palace.

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