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Yourantai Lodge

A private guesthouse shrouded in natural greenery overlooking the MekongRiver, Yourantai Eco-lodge allows you to get in touch with rural China. Rooms at Yourantai are separated between four separate cottages, each built and decorated with a unique style that reflects the local Dai and traditional Chinese architecture. Each cottage has a private balcony with views overlooking the surrounding forest and river. The décor is authentic with a rustic charm whilst still having modern bathrooms and wireless internet. Known for its local seasonal foods and open-air views, Yourantai will provide a private sanctuary during your tour of China. You will have a chance to stretch out and relax in an intimate, rural setting to the soothing cadence of the natural surroundings.  

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Yourantai Eco-lodge, Jinhong, China Yourantai Eco-lodge, Jinhong, China


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