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The jewel of Longsheng is the Dragons Backbone Rice Terraces (longji titian), a group of large-scale rice terraces built into the hillside that dates back more then 650 years. Take a hike through the terraces and marvel at these agricultural feats of engineering. Nestled between the grandeur of the terraced hills are lush valleys and Zhuang and Yao mountain villages. The nearby village of Ping An sits in the heart of the Longsheng rice terraces. The village is mostly populated by the Zhuang minority, (the largest ethnic minority in China, with a population approaching that of Australia roughly 16 million). With a history dating back over two millennia, the Zhuang are famed for their frescoes painted throughout GuangxiProvince, the most famous of which is 328 feet long and 131 feet wide. Located in the southwest along the cliff faces of the ZuojiangRiver, the mural depicts Zhuang life through 1,300 vigorously drawn figures.

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