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One thing springs to mind when you hear of Xi'An - The Terracotta Army. We were completely blown away when we first encountered it, not just the sheer scale of the buildings they are housed in, but by the extreme care & expertise that they have been and continue to be excavated. A first visit to China would miss something if it didn't include the Terracotta Army. Though Beijing has stolen the thunder as China's new capital, its history and prestige are nothing compared to the old capital of Xi'an, where emperors ruled China for thousands of years. Bordering the Qinling Mountains and the banks of the Wei River, Xi'an has been the capital of some of the most important dynasties in China. Home of the treasured Terracotta Warriors, created during the Qin Dynasty, (221-206 BC), and the eastern end of the Silk Road, Xi'an is a city filled with history. Between their famous jiaozi (dumpling) feasts, and history that stretches longer than the Great Wall, Xi'an epitomizes traditional Chinese culture. Xi'an has one of the world's oldest Muslim communities, founded some 1,300 years ago by traders of Persian and Arab origin who travelled along the Silk Road and settled in the then capital of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).

CHINA - Xian, terracotta army CHINA - Xian, terracotta army
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