Indonesia Rendang Rice Terraces And Gunung Agung Volcano layer
Indonesia Young Balineses During The Melasti Ceremony On Kuta Beach
INDONESIA Amanjiwo Borobudur 2

At the sensational Amanjiwo, be sure to book a villa facing Borobudur to make the most of this striking 9th century temple in central Java.

Indonesia Yogyakarta Motorbike Traffic In The Rain
Indonesia Woman At Borobudur Temple
Indonesia Kecak Fire Dance At Uluwatu Temple
Indonesia High Angle View Of Mount Bromo At Sunrise
Indonesia Barong The Mythical Animal Representing Good

Barong, the mythical lion-like creature who is the King of the Spirits and represents all Good.

Indonesia Flores Island Cloves Drying In The Village Of Watublapi
Indonesia Ijen National Park

Ardi is working in his ricefield in the Kawah Ijen volcano area (2,500m above sea level) in Ijen National Park.

Indonesia A Picturesque Floating Market Scene On The Barito River
INDONESIA Nihiwatu 5

Nihiwatu Lodge is truly a tropical hideaway with its own private white-sand beach, which you may occassionally share with some friendly wandering cattle!

INDONESIA Ampersand Travel COMO Shambhala Bali Indonesia Tirta Ening Pool

The setting of Como Shambhala is so awe-inspiring we promise you’ll never forget it. Your vast living quarters are suspended at treetop level over the gushing River Agung, surrounded by emerald green paddies. 

Indonesia Sukawati Village Bali Zoo Orangutan

The great Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) is a species of ape exclusive to Malaysia and Indonesia, where they inhabit in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra

INDONESIA Alilavillassoori View 04

Local life continues before you on the beautiful black sand beaches of Soori Bali.

Indonesia Rugged Cliffs At Uluwatu Clifftop Temple
Indonesia Sulawesi Banggai Islands
Indonesia Chidren Sailling In A Traditional Boat At The Batu Putih Beach
Indonesia False Clown Anemone Fish Sulawesi
Indonesia Banner 3

Tropical beaches like this do exist in reality. Stay aboard Tiger Blue to discover a true paradise, over and under water, like this one at Pulau Wayag, Raja Ampat.

Indonesia Whale Shark Cenderawasih Bay West Papua
Indonesia Moluccas Kai Islands Fadol Island
Indonesia A Komodo Dragon Resting Its Head On A Foot With Large Sharp Claws
INDONESIA Amanwana Tents

On wild and beautiful Moyo Island, take advantage of Amanwana’s luxury tents to experience remote camping at its most comfortable. Their 20 uber swish “tents” come with AC, glass windows, hardwood floors and elegantly Aman-esque colonial decor. The camp is hidden under lush tropical canopy and leads straight onto the beach.

INDONESIA Alila Uluwatu Bali Indonesia 7

This smart swimming pool at Alila Villas Uluwatu cuts a stylish slice into the panoramic ocean vista.

INDONESIA Amandari Villa Home 1

This stunning serene spot overlooks the verdant countryside of Ubud. Listen to the calls of nature at dusk from the luxury of your own private deck with plunge pool at the ultra stylish Amandari.


Make the most of the verdant jungle panorama at Alila Ubud in Bali. From the comfort of the infinity pool, watch for wildlife in the dense foliage.

Indonesia Jungutbatu Beach Nusa Lembongan Bali
Indonesia Pura Agung Besakih Temple Complex Besakih Bali
INDONESIA Uma Ubud Procession 2

If you stay at uber-cool Uma Ubud, you can easily venture out to experience the local culture - here is a religious procession where traditional clothing is worn to take offerings to the temples.


Raja Ampat is a scuba diver’s paradise; it contains the richest marine life on the planet. Living aboard the luxurious Si Datu Bua means you can discover the extraordinary marine biodiversity in your own time.

INDONESIA Jimbaran Puri Bali 1

Bali offers some sensational sunsets and where better to experience this than at the luxurious Belmond Jimbaran Puri, Bali.


Use your time at rural Uma Ubud in Bali to explore the scenic countryside. The narrow pathways between paddy fields make a perfect bicycle track!

INDONESIA Oberoi Lombok 3

Bali’s lesser known sister, Lombok, also offers a high standard of accommodation. Visit sparkling waterfalls whilst enjoying top service at the Oberoi Lombok.

INDONESIA Oberoi Lombok 2

The warm, clear and calm waters of the Lombok Strait offer an ideal opportunity to learn to scuba dive or just have a snorkel at the luxurious Oberoi Lombok.


The Oberoi Bali offers the best of beach life: a luxurious picnic, a spot of horse riding or a dip in the warm waters off Seminyak beach.

INDONESIA Food Puri Ganesha Soup For The Soul 2

Puri Ganesha in bali prides itself on its healthy and nutritious food. Enjoy fantastic Indonesian fare and sample the famous peanut Gado-Gado sauce.

INDONESIA Silolona 11

Sunset aboard the Silolona is a contemplative time. Enjoy freshly crafted cocktails, take a massage or anticipate the evening meal created by your own gourmet chef. 

INDONESIA Silolona 15

Aboard the luxuriously crafted Silolona boat you make the itinerary, including, should you wish, getting up close to unique tribesmen in the Palau archipelago. 


Upon arriving at Komodo Island within no time you can see Komodo dragons lounging in the sun or, in our Indonesia consultant Mark’s case, he actually saw a komodo dragon going in for the kill of a deer. These fearsome and fascinating creatures can be found on the islands of Komodo, Rinca and Flores.

INDONESIA Nihiwatu 1

Surrounded by scenic karst islands, backed by jungly hills and rimmed by white-sand beaches, Nihiwatu offers a luxe private paradise for your family to enjoy a secluded break.

INDONESIA Nihiwatu 9

Nihiwatu Lodge is an extremely exclusive retreat based on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba. It has something for everyone, including world-class surf breaks. “God’s Left” is the main attraction; these left breaking waves reel for over 300 metres and crest off the resort’s outstretched reef, reserved for a maximum of nine surfers at a time. 

INDONESIA Nihiwatu 7

As Nihiwatu has such a stunning ocean vista it’s not surprising that activities tend to be marine-based. Try your hand at deep-sea fishing, scuba dive the abundant coral gardens or surf the consistent reef breaks with the help of Christian Sea, Nihiwatu's aptly-named surfing instructor. 

INDONESIA Mount Bromo East Java 53

Be warned, Mount Bromo in East Java is still an active volcano! Be adventurous and climb to the top for awe-inspiring views into its cavernous interior.

INDONESIA Mesa Stila Ambar Villa Veranda

Take tea on your panoramic veranda at calming hotel Mesa Stila. Ambar suites have soul-stirring views of the powerful Ambar volcano.


Misool Eco Resort’s bamboo-thatched wooden villas fan out over the azure North Lagoon in Raja Ampat. Chill out on a hammock strung over the water and marvel at the clear-as-glass water.

INDONESIA Seahorse Misool

This little seahorse is one of the many rare creatures you’ll see when scuba diving the pristine Coral Triangle around Misool Eco Resort in Raja Ampat.

INDONESIA Kila Swimming Pools 3

Bali’s accommodation is of such a high standard, it is even home to three Aman hotels! Amankila and its iconic swimming pool holds an exceptional location built into terraces on the clifftops above the dramatic east coast of Bali.

INDONESIA Kila Mt Agung 1

At Bali's Amankila, if you tire of the stunning ocean panorama in Bali, you’ll find an equally arresting backdrop view. Volcanic Mount Agung makes for an incredibly dramatic sight, framed by dense jungle.

INDONESIA Surya Shanti Bali

Imagine waking up to this uplifting view at our newest little find: boutique hotel Surya Shanti in Bali. It seems this hotel has thought of every way to rejuvenate you, from healthy meals to relaxing spa treatments and extremely sweet and welcoming staff.

INDONESIA Surya Shanti 1

Every window and door frames the most stunning views at Surya Shanti, a charming boutique hotel in Bali. Prepare to be mesmerised by a thousand shades of green!

INDONESIA Jimbaran Puri Bali 3

As day turns to night, enjoy the dusk scene at Jimbaran Puri Bali, in the south west of the island. Candles are lit on the beach and overhead another incredible Bali night sky begins to reveal itself. 

INDONESIA Bambuindah 22 090215

Bambu Indah offers a truly unique stay. You’ll find yourself in a remarkable teakwood and bamboo villa stuffed with authentic Balinese artefacts.

INDONESIA Bambuindah 18 090215

Bamboo roofing and open-sided ventilation means you’ll stay cool in these distinctive villas at Bambu Indah in the rural heart of Bali, Ubud.

INDONESIA Ampersand Travel COMO Shambhala Bali Indonesia Walk On Rice Field 1

Como Shambhala is a one-of-a kind hotel. Explore its stunning landscape of bright green paddy fields and sample more of Bali’s delicious yet healthy food.

INDONESIA Ampersand Travel COMO Shambhala Bali Indonesia Bayugita Master

The Bayugita Suite at Como Shambhala is a masterpiece of good taste and luxurious furnishings. You’ll find a carved Javanese four-poster bed and a Victorian rolltop in the bathroom. Explore your foliage-clad garden to discover a bubbly Jacuzzi!

INDONESIA Ampersand Travel COMO Shambhala Bali Indonesia 2BR Retreat Villa Pool Saundarya And Shantivana Only

At Como Shambhala, the two-bedroom retreat villas are a secluded luxury hideaway, perfect for those indulging in a total retreat for body and mind. The swimming pools have a fabulous infinity-edged view to the exotic jungle.

INDONESIA Alilavillassoori Main Pool 2

You’ll get used to the remarkably chic surroundings at Soori Bali. Here the swimming pool overlooks the enticing Indian Ocean.

INDONESIA Alilavillassoori Paddy Field

Explore the paddy fields that surround the stylish Soori Bali hotel and get a glimpse of local life, including the farming of rice.

INDONESIA Alila Villas Uluwatu 5

The Alila name is synonymous with style and Alila Villas Uluwatu is no exception. Artfully placed bamboo bale’s offer a chic spot for your day’s relaxation on the dramatic limestone cliffs of Uluwatu, Bali’s southern most tip.

INDONESIA Alila Uluwatu Bali Indonesia 1

Stylish surrounding such as these are trademark Alila. Succumb to the clean lines and complete sophistication on the limestone cliffs of Alila Villas Uluwatu.

INDONESIA Alila Uluwatu Bali 23

Soak up the rays in this beautifully designed swimming pool and take advantage of Alila’s unparalleled service at Alila Villas Uluwatu.

INDONESIA Alila Uluwatu Bali 16

The clifftop location of Alila Villas Uluwatu mean dramatic sea views of the wild and beautiful Indian Ocean are a given at every turn.

INDONESIA Puri Ganesha 45

You’ll get a very warm canine welcome from this gorgeous chap, at Puri Ganesha, a rustic yet seriously chic resort in the north of Bali. One of our favourite spots!


Views like this are ten-a-penny in rural Indonesia. Terraces of lush paddy fields, bordered by swaying palm trees and brooding volcanoes will make up the backdrop to many of your experiences in Bali and beyond.



Indonesia covers a vast area and has a wealth of excellent places to stay. Let our Indonesia experts figure out your requirements and match you with one of our handpicked hotels or villas. Bali has an abundance of jaw-dropping properties set in beautiful environments. For somewhere remote, try a rustic yet chic island haven on Sumba Island, or for a luxury sailing adventure, we have a selection of stunning wooden phinisi vessels to choose from. Browse our portfolio of hand-picked villas, resorts and hotels in Indonesia, listed alphabetically by location:

  • All
  • South Bali
  • North & East Bali
  • Ubud, Central Bali
  • Java
  • Lombok & eastern islands
  • Luxury Yachts

Alexa Private Cruises ,
The Komodo Islands

Alexa Komodo Islands Indonesia Boat 3

Mixing the traditional with the new, Alexa is a classic sailing vessel built exclusively for two and furnished with original...

View here

Alila Jakarta ,
Jakarta, Java

Alila Jakarta Java Indonesia 4

Conceived as a haven of relaxation and contemporary style, Alila Jakarta offers a cool, modern retreat for young urbanites and...

View here

Alila Manggis ,
Manggis, Bali

Alila Manggis Bali Indonesia 1

One of Bali's best kept secrets, Alila Manggis is a secluded hotel in East Bali. Set amidst a coconut grove,...

View here

Alila Purnama ,
The Komodo Islands

Alila Purnama Luxury Sailing Indonesia 1

Alila’s new luxury vessel is one of the most exciting things to grace the Indian Ocean’s waters recently. The 46...

View here

Alila Seminyak ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali

Alila Seminyak Bali Indonesia 5

Cocooned along a pristine beach on Bali’s southwest coast, Alila Seminyak is an idyllic retreat where time slows down and...

View here

Alila Solo ,

Alila Solo Solo Java 20

The Alila Solo is a new hotel with convenient luxury at the core of its design, and located in the...

View here

Alila Ubud ,
Ubud, Bali

Alila Ubud Bali Indonesia 5

Alila Ubud set in Bali's central foothills on the banks of the mystical Ayung River, just five kilometers from Ubud,...

View here

Alila Villas Uluwatu ,
Uluwatu, Bali

INDONESIA Alila Uluwatu Bali Indonesia 1

  Alila Villas Uluwatu features in Ampersand's Top 10 Romantic Retreats, our Top 10 Swimming Pools and our Top 10 Venues for a Wedding or Party...

View here

Amandari ,
Ubud, Bali

Amandari, Bali, Indonesia (8).jpg

The second Aman resort to open after the flagship Amanpuri, Amandari is perched high above the rushing water of the Ayung...

View here

Amandira ,
Moyo Island

Amandira, Moyo Islan, Indonesia (1).jpg

Explore two of the Indonesian archipelago’s most stunning areas aboard Amandira; the second addition to Aman’s exclusive fleet off Moyo...

View here

Amanikan ,
Moyo Island

Amanikan, Moyo Island, Indonesia (5).jpg

Venture into the Indonesian archipelago aboard a custom-built, 32-metre coastal cruiser that fuses the romance of a traditional spice trading...

View here

Amanjiwo ,
Borobudur, Java

Amanjiwo, Borobudur, Java, Indonesia - Top 10 Amans

  Amanjiwo is one of Ampersand's Top 10 Aman Resorts in Asia. Resting in the rural heartland of still relatively untouched...

View here

Amankila ,
Manggis, Bali

Amankila Bali INDONESIA 12

  Amankila has one of Ampersand's Top 10 Swimming Pools The paradise haven of Amankila is located in one of eastern...

View here

Aman Villas at Nusa Dua ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali

Amanusa Bali INDONESIA 6

Enclosed in a secluded self-contained retreat, Aman Villas at Nusa Dua is a relaxing microcosm of all things Balinese and seeks...

View here

Amanwana ,
Moyo Island

Amanwana, Moyo Island, Indonesia (9).jpg

  Amanwana is one of Ampersand's Top 10 Aman Resorts in Asia. The wilderness hideaway camp of Amanwana (meaning peaceful forest)...

View here

Bali Pavilions ,
Manggis, Bali

Bali Pavilions Manggis Bali Indonesia 1

Bali Pavilions is on the Eastern shoreline of Bali, a stone's throw from a stunning lagoon that is fringed on...

View here

Bambu Indah ,
Ubud, Bali

INDONESIA Bambuindah 22 090215

Bambu Indah captures the essence of central Bali. Peaceful and refreshing the staff will welcome you with big smiles and...

View here

Belmond Jimbaran Puri ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali

Jimbaran Puri Seminyak Jimbaran Bali Indonesia

Located on the beautiful beachfront of Jimbaran Bay, the luxury resort of Jimbaran Puri has breathtaking, uninterrupted sea views. Towering...

View here

Bromo Cottages ,
Mount Bromo

Bromo Cottages Java Indonesia 1

The Bromo Cottages are located in separate region to the other properties in this area, on the western side of...

View here

Bulgari Hotel ,
Uluwatu, Bali

Bulgari Hotel Bali Indonesia 12

Bulgari Hotel is a chic designer hotel perched on a cliff top 150 metres above the Indian Ocean on the...

View here

COMO Shambhala ,
Ubud, Bali

INDONESIA Ampersand Travel COMO Shambhala Bali Indonesia Tirta Ening Pool

  COMO Shambhala is one of Ampersand's Top 10 Hotel Spas. Set in nine acres of stunning, almost Jurassic-like tropical grounds,...

View here

Dunia Baru ,
The Komodo Islands

Dunia Baru Komodo Islands Indonesia 1

After six years in the making superyacht Dunia Baru was launched in early 2014 and is an astonishing mix of...

View here

Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali

Four Seasons Seminyak Jimbaran Bali Indonesia 1

The views of the bay and mountains are spectacular from this resort set 150 feet above Jimbaran Bay. The grounds...

View here

Four Seasons Sayan ,
Ubud, Bali

Four Seasons Sayan Bali Indonesia 10

Set in the heart of the Ubud rainforest and backing right on to the Ayung River, this hotel feels like...

View here

Hotel Tugu Lombok ,

Hotel Tugu Lombok Lombok Indonesia 42

Hotel Tugu Lombok is a small, privately owned and designed art hotel set on Lombok’s best beach. Some other hotels...

View here

Ijen Resort and Villas ,
Ijen Plateau

Ijen Resort Java Indonesia 9

Along a rural, bumpy road you’ll pass beautiful green and lush rice terraces, rolling away into the vista and up...

View here

Ikan Terbang ,
The Komodo Islands

Ikan Terbang, Komodo Islands, Indonesia

Ikan Terbang, literally translated as Flying Fish, is a stylish and traditional 17m long Indonesian wooden sailing boat (or Schpountz...

View here

Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp ,

JEEVA Beloam Beach Camp Lombok Indonesia 26  (1)

Situated two hours from the airport in the remote and untouched southeast of Lombok, Jeeva Beloam is one of Indonesia’s...

View here

Jeeva Klui Resort ,

Jeeva Klui Lombok Indonesia 28

Launched in 2010, Jeeva Klui is a boutique beachside resort with a charming vibe. It ticks all the boxes for...

View here

Jiwa Jawa Bromo ,
Mount Bromo

Jiwa Jawa Bromo Mount Bromo Java 16

Set on a verdant green hillside in East Java overhung by low floating clouds, Jiwa Jawa Bromo resembles a small...

View here

Jiwa Jawa Ijen ,
Ijen Plateau

Jiwa Jawa Ijen Java Indonesia 1

Jiwa Jawa Ijen, opened in February 2016, sits in a fantastic location overlooking the valley and surrounding mountains. As with...

View here

Joglovina ,
Pemuteran, Bali

Joglovina Bali Indonesia 8

Coined one of the most beautiful villas in Bali, Villa Joglovina is an alluring and exclusive hotel that has been...

View here

Kaba Kaba Estate ,
Tabanan, Bali

Kaba Kaba Estate Bali Indonesia 1

This enchanting eight-bedroom villa tucked away on the south west coast of Bali is perfect for those seeking royal treatment...

View here

Keraton at the Plaza ,
Jakarta, Java

Keraton At The Plaza Jakarta Indonesia 4

The Keraton at the Plaza has been completed to a very high level of luxury on every level. From the...

View here

Ketapang Indah ,
Ijen Plateau

Ketapang Indah, Ijen Plateau, Java, Indonesia

The best option for any stay in the Ijen Plateau the Ketapang Indah will provide a secluded hideaway for you...

View here

Lamima ,
The Komodo Islands

Lamima Komodo Islands Indonesia 1

This is the Queen of yachts, the ultimate luxury boat, and a real gem in our collection of private charters....

View here

The Lombok Lodge ,

Lombok Lodge Lombok INDONESIA 76

Lombok Lodge is one of our favourite hotels in Lombok. Open since 2010 but still relatively under the radar, it...

View here

Malimbu Cliff Villa ,

Malimbu Cliff Villa Lombok Indonesia 20

This luxury four-bedroom villa is a fantastic choice for those who want total seclusion, utterly sublime views and chic, contemporary...

View here

Mandapa by Ritz-Carlton ,
Ubud, Bali

Mandapa By Ritz Carlton Bali Indonesia 18

The latest addition to the Ritz-Carlton collection is a real triumph. Having opened in August 2015 it is fresh and...

View here

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta ,
Jakarta, Java

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta Jakarta Indonesia 1

With a conveniently central location in the financial and diplomatic district, the Mandarin Oriental is one of the most luxurious...

View here

Mantra ,
Raja Ampat Islands

Mantra Raja Ampat Indonesia 1

Mantra is the perfect choice for those looking for a real adventure on the seas. This traditional phinisi boat is...

View here

Matahari Beach Resort & Spa ,
Pemuteran, Bali

Matahari Bali Indonesia 2

Matahari is a beautiful resort which emanates its Balinese roots, yet is very grand and regal in its design. The...

View here

Mischief ,
The Komodo Islands

Mischief Komodo Islands Indonesia 18

The smallest of the luxury boats used by Ampersand, Mischief is the perfect choice for those smaller groups not so...

View here

Misool Eco Resort ,
Raja Ampat Islands

Misool Eco Resort Raja Ampat Indonesia 4

  Misool Eco Resort is one of Ampersand's Top 10 Eco Retreats. A stunning eco resort on a remote private island...

View here

Mutiara Laut ,
Raja Ampat Islands

Mutiara Laut Raja Ampat Indonesia 4

Mutiara Laut is simply stunning, a truly spectacular super yacht. Guests enter on to a huge open deck, ample space...

View here

Nihi Sumba Island ,
Sumba Island

Nihi Sumba Island, Sumba Island, Indonesia (16).jpg

  Nihi Sumba Island features in Ampersand's Top 10 Beach Hotels and our Top 10 Romantic Retreats  Nihi Sumba Island is 438 acres...

View here

Plataran ,
Borobudur, Java

Plataran, Borobudur, Java, Indonesia (15)

Visiting Borobudur is always a special moment of any trip to Indonesia, but being able to see it from your...

View here

Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa ,
The Komodo Islands

Plataran Komodo Flores Indonesia 1

Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa, set on its own private beach just north of Labuan Bajo harbour, is the best...

View here

Plataran Private Cruises ,
The Komodo Islands

Plataran Phinisi Komodo Komodo Islands Indonesia 3

Plataran Hotel group has a small fleet of boats perfect for accessing the Komodo National Park for an unforgettable exclusive...

View here

Pulau Joyo Resort ,
Pulau Joyo

Pulau Joyo Resort

Set on a pristine island in the little-known Riau Archipelago, Pulau Joyo is a relatively new, extremely well-appointed addition to...

View here

Puri Ganesha ,
Pemuteran, Bali

Puri Ganesha Pemuteran Bali

  Puri Ganesha features in Ampersand's Top 10 Boutique Hotels and our Top 10 Venues for a Wedding or PartyThis delightfully bohemian hotel is run...

View here

Rascal ,
The Komodo Islands

Rascal Komodo Islands Indonesia 22

This brand new phinisi boat is a beautiful addition to the Ampersand Yacht collection. With 5 cabins, sleeping up to...

View here

Sepoi Sepoi ,

Sepoi Sepoi View From Pool Bale Back To The Villa

Perfect for weddings and special events, Sepoi Sepoi is a handsome private villa with six large bedrooms which can comfortably...

View here

Sheraton Bandara Hotel ,
Jakarta, Java

Sheraton Bandara Hotel Java Indonesia 4

The Sheraton Bandara Hotel is a warm and friendly hotel which instantly makes you feel welcome as you enter. With...

View here

Si Datu Bua ,
Raja Ampat Islands

Si Datu Bua 1

The latest addition to the Silolona Sojourns collection, Si Datu Bua is equally as magnificent as her older sister Silolona, the...

View here

Silolona ,
The Komodo Islands

Silolona Sailing Boat Indonesia 26

Silolona is a 49-metre wooden sailboat hand-carved in the traditional "Phinsi" style following the ancestral traditions of Konjo boat builders...

View here

Sira Beach House ,

INDONESIA - Sira Beach House Lombok Indonesia 4  (2)

For those looking for a charming and rustic beach break Lombok is a great choice, but forget what you remember...

View here

Soori Bali ,
Tabanan, Bali

INDONESIA Alilavillassoori Main Pool 2

This impressive 21st century resort lies on a gentle slope between lush rice paddies and beautiful black velvet beaches overlooking...

View here

Sudamala ,

Sudamala Lombok Indonesia 14

Set on a beautiful white sandy beach on the west coast of Lombok, this boutique hotel is like a little...

View here

Surya Shanti Villa ,
Sidemen, Bali

INDONESIA Surya Shanti Bali

  Surya Shanti Villa is one of Ampersand's Top 10 Boutique Hotels Our South East Asia specialist Mark recently stayed at Surya...

View here

The Anandita ,

The Anandita Elevated View Of Villa Lombok Indonesia

The Anandita is the embodiment of  “tropical paradise”. It is a fantastic four bedroom villa shrouded in luscious gardens and...

View here

The Balé ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali

The Bale Bali Indonesia 15

This exclusive adult only resort is perfect for couples and honeymooners looking for a quiet corner of Bali. It offers...

View here

The Chedi Club ,
Ubud, Bali

The Chedi Club Ubud Bali Indonesia

Nestled in an exclusive estate surrounded by lush greenery and verdant rice fields, The Chedi Club offers one of the...

View here

The Dharmawangsa ,
Jakarta, Java

The Dharmawangsa Jakarta Indonesia 1

The Dharmawangsa Jakarta was born out of a dream to create a hotel property that would complement the residential area...

View here

The Edge ,
Uluwatu, Bali

The Edge Private Villa Bali Indonesia 10

The Edge is one of Bali's most exciting and exclusive new private villas set dramatically on the edge of her southern...

View here

The Gallery Hotel Kresna ,

The Gallery Hotel Kresna

The top option for any visit to the Dieng Plateau, the Gallery Hotel Kresna is modelled on the Grand Hotel...

View here

The Hyatt Regency ,

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta Java Indonesia 17

The Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta Hotel is situated in the scenic outskirts of north-western Yogyakarta, elegantly set in 22 hectares of...

View here

The Legian ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali

The Legian Seminyak Jimbaran Bali Indonesia

The Legian is set on the spectacular Seminyak beach allowing for great views of the Indian Ocean. Integrated within landscaped...

View here

The Oberoi Bali ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali


Authentically Balinese, this much loved hotel opened in 1978 and was the first luxury resort in Bali. Wonderfully maintained it...

View here

The Oberoi Lombok ,

The Oberoi Lombok Indonesia Tailor Made Tours Ampersand Travel 5

In a world where everybody is trying to be different this luxury resort has deliberately chosen to play it safe...

View here

The Phoenix ,

The Phoenix, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Located in the heart of Yogyakarta near the popular Malioboro district, the historic Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta is a colonial landmark...

View here

The Royal Pita Maha ,
Ubud, Bali

Royal Pita Maha Bali Indonesia 15

This hotel belongs to old Ubud royalty, and only local designers were commissioned to create the interiors, so naturally Royal...

View here

The Sanchaya ,

The Sanchaya Binta Indonesia 7

The Sanchaya is an exclusive beachfront hotel, which opened in December 2014 on the Indonesian island of Bintan.Styled as a...

View here

Tiger Blue ,
Raja Ampat Islands


  Tiger Blue is one of Ampersand's Top 10 Winter Sun Trips A voyage aboard Tiger Blue offers a unique sea safari holiday...

View here

Ubud Hanging Gardens ,
Ubud, Bali

Ubud Hanging Gardens Ubud Bali Indonesia

Located in the steep rice terraces of Ubud, this gorgeous resort has 44 luxurious private villas all set high on...

View here

Uma Ubud ,
Ubud, Bali

Uma Ubud Bali Indonesia

Uma Ubud is part of the Christina Ong hotel group, renowned for their unique style and approach to luxury and...

View here

Viceroy ,
Ubud, Bali

Viceroy Ubud Bali Indonesia 1

This elegant family owned boutique property, near the village of Nagi, is a sanctuary of privacy and offers spectacular views...

View here

Villa Atas Ombak ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali

Atas Ombak Bali Indonesia 27

Sitting on an acre and a half of luscious gardens, Villa Atas Ombak sleeps 10 people in five bedrooms and...

View here

Villa Batu Jimbar ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali

Batu Jimbar Bali Indonesia 55

Villa Batu Jimbar is one of the most extraordinary luxury villas in Bali. Located in Sanur on the south-eastern peninsula of...

View here

Villa Jajaliluna ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali

Jajaliluna Bali Indonesia 3

Sleeping up to eight people in 4 bedrooms, Villa Jajaliluna is one of Bali’s most luxurious villas. Secluded behind vine-clad...

View here

Villa Mary ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali

Villa Mary Bali Indonesia 9

Surrounded by green and spacious grounds, Villa Mary is part of the Pantai Lima Estate on Pererenan Beach in Southern Bali, 25...

View here

Villa Sapi ,

Villa Sapi Lombok Indonesia 5

Austin Powers, eat your heart out!  The five-bedroom Villa Sapi is a masterpiece of design backed by white sand Sira...

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W Retreat & Spa, Bali ,
Seminyak and Jimbaran, Bali

W Retreat Spa Bali Indonesia 14

Part of the upbeat W boutique hotel group, W Retreat Spa, Bali is luxurious retreat for those who like to...

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Difficult to articulate just how good the service from you and your team really was. We know you will continue to do well and hope we have the chance to seek your assistance again before long.
- Mr & Mrs Manson, North India
We have been on expensive and luxurious holidays in the past, but the service and communication Ampersand has provided has far exceeded those offered by other agencies.
- Susan Ford, India
Without question, you put together the best trip I have ever taken. We were shown around like visiting dignitaries, the hotels were fantastic and the itinerary was just right. Everybody I know will hear about how amazing Ampersand is!
- Leslie Siben, India
We had a wonderful holiday - everything was perfect. Thank you for helping us to make a thoughtful plan to enjoy and make most out of our trip. The places we visited, the guides, the transportation and driver, the hotels selected... Everything was great!
- Jaime Benitez, South India
Ampersand’s details preparation, attention to detail and interaction before and during our trip show exactly why good travel agents have a role in today’s internet/direct booking age. Shalmali was a delight to work with – before and during our trip.
- Mr David Wallace, North India
I had a very lovely time and was looked after splendidly. My first visit to India could not have been better, save for being longer! But I shall return at some point and I shall look to you to make the arrangements.
- Matthew Nicklin, North India
So many highlights to choose from! The hotels were amazing but Maya Villa was a highlight… I loved just hanging out in the hammock reading my book and watching the peacocks chase the cows!
- Krista Weir, Sri Lanka
Everything you did for us whilst we were away was hugely appreciated, and Ampersand has been exemplary in every way. I'll always recommend you!
- Mr Richard Stoughton, Sri Lanka

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