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JAPAN - On Clear Autumn Days Like This Mt Fuji Is Perfectly Framed By Maple Leaf Boughs On The Shores Of Kawaguchiko Five Lakes

On clear autumn days like this, Mt Fuji is perfectly framed by maple leaf boughs on the shores of Kawaguchiko 'Five Lakes'.

JAPAN Stand In Awe And Absorb The Sheer Scale Of Modern Japans Commercial Ambitions At Hachiko The Worlds Busiest Street Crossing

Stand in awe and absorb the sheer scale of modern Japan's commercial ambitions at Hachiko in Tokyo, the world's busiest street crossing.

JAPAN The Old Trading Canal At Kurashiki With Its Converted Storehouses And Distinctive Black Tile Roofs Is One Of The Most Pleasant Places To Stroll In Japan

The old trading canal at Kurashiki, with its converted storehouses and distinctive black-tile roofs, is one of the most pleasant places to stroll in Japan.

JAPAN O Hanami Cherry Blossom Festivities Carry On Late In The Evening In Maruyama Park Kyoto

'O-hanami' cherry blossom festivities carry on late in the evening in Maruyama Park, Kyoto.

JAPAN Nomura Is One Of Several Beautifully Preserved Nobles Houses In Kanazawa With A Small But Perfectly Formed Ornamental Garden

Nomura is one of several beautifully preserved nobles' houses in Kanazawa, with a small but perfectly formed ornamental garden.

JAPAN The Iconic Snow Monkeys Of Yudanaka In The Japan Alps Hang Out At The Hot Spring Pool

The iconic snow monkeys of Yudanaka in the Japan Alps hang out at the hot spring pool.

JAPAN Stroll Through The Giant Bamboo Forest In Arashiyama Outside Kyoto To The Hidden Villa And Garden Of Okochi Sanso

Stroll through the giant bamboo forest in Arashiyama outside Kyoto, to the hidden villa and garden of Okochi Sanso.

JAPAN Japanese Women Often Dress In Kimonos When They Visit Kyoto Particularly During Cherry Blossom And Other Traditional Festive Seasons

Japanese women often dress in kimonos when they visit Kyoto, particularly during cherry blossom and other traditional festive seasons.

JAPAN From 100 Yen Plates To Chef Jiros 10 Seater Restaurant Japan Is Still Home To The Worlds Best Sushi

From 100 yen plates to chef Jiro's 10-seater restaurant, Japan is still home to the world's best sushi.

JAPAN It May Not Look Like Much At First Glance But Austere Ryoanji Rock Garden Is A Fine Expression Of Zen Buddhism And Induces A Contemplative State Even At Busy Times

It may not look like much at first glance, but austere Ryoanji rock garden is a fine expression of Zen Buddhism and induces a contemplative state even at busy times.

JAPAN Kanazawa Is A Treasure Trove Of Pre Modern Teahouses And Houses Of The Nobility Where Arts Such As Taiko Drumming Can Be Experienced

Kanazawa is a treasure trove of pre-modern teahouses and houses of the nobility where arts such as taiko drumming can be experienced

JAPAN Geisha And Junior Maiko Put The Finishing Touches To Their Kimonos In The Gion Area Of Kyoto

Geisha and junior Maiko put the finishing touches to their kimonos in the Gion area of Kyoto.

JAPAN Explore The Wide Streets Of Ginza In Tokyo For World Class Shopping And Dining Some Are Pedestrianised At Weekends

Explore the wide streets of Ginza in Tokyo for world class shopping and dining - some are pedestrianised at weekends.

JAPAN At Sprwaling Tsukiji Fish Market The Main Tuna Auction Is Done By 5 Am And Adjacent Stalls Selling Are Selling The Freshest Possible Sushi Straight Afterwards

At Tokyo's sprawling Tsukiji Fish Market, the main tuna auction is done by 5 a.m. and adjacent stalls selling are selling the freshest possible sushi straight afterwards.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 6

A masterful dance of filtered light and shade, the new Aman Tokyo's atrium lobby is a stylish urban sanctuary to retreat to after the frenetic energy of Tokyo.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 3

The Aman Tokyo boasts the largest rooms and suites in the city, some of which look out onto Tokyo Skytree.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 1

See all the sights from the warmth of your bathtub at the Aman Tokyo - each guestroom and suite has a large furo and a deep soaking tub.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 4

The Aman Tokyo's achingly chic and serene 30-metre swimming pool is part of the Aman Spa, which has eight treatment rooms, a state-of-the-art Fitness Centre, a Yoga studio and a Pilates Studio.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 2

Each of the Aman Tokyo's 84 guestrooms and suites draw design inspiration from a paired back Japanese aesthetic. Pictured here, the Premier Room's living area is the epitome of Zen.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 5

Tokyo has more Michelin-starred restaurants than anywhere else in the world, and 'The Restaurant by Aman' aims to put the Aman Tokyo at the culinary forefront.

JAPAN This Iconic Beachside Sculpture On Naoshima Island Is As Eccentric As The Artist Yayoi Kusama That Hasnt Stopped It Being The Inspiration For Louis Vuitton Products

This iconic beachside sculpture on Naoshima Island is as eccentric as the artist, Yayoi Kusama. That hasn't stopped it being the inspiration for Louis Vuitton products.

JAPAN Ryokan Kurashiki Has The Charm Of A Fine English BB With Japanese Refinement And Omotenashi Hospitality Making It An Ampersand Favourite

Ryokan Kurashiki has the charm of a fine English B&B with Japanese refinement and 'omotenashi' hospitality, making it an Ampersand Favourite.

JAPAN With Its Leafy Sidewalks Coffee Shop Terraces And High Service Standards The Peninsula Tokyo Equals Experiences At The Sister Property In Paris

With its leafy sidewalks, coffee shop terraces and high service standards, The Peninsula Tokyo equals experiences at the sister property in Paris

JAPAN The Eye Catching Oval Pool At The Peninsula Hotel Also Offer Views Across To The Imperial Palace

The eye-catching oval pool at the Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo also offer views across to the Imperial Palace.

JAPAN Peninsula Tokyo Eriko Horiki Washi Paper Art Experience

Peninsula Tokyo's Eriko Horiki Washi Paper Art Experience

JAPAN Upgrade Rooms At The Peninsula Hotel In Tokyo Offer Some Of The Best Views Of The Imperial Palace Grounds

Upgrade rooms at the Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo offer some of the best views of the Imperial Palace grounds.

JAPAN Design Buffs Will Love The Modern Sculpture And Design In The Public Areas Of The Peninsula Hotel

Design buffs will love the modern sculpture and design in the public areas of the Peninsula Tokyo.

JAPAN Tucked Away Upriver From Kyoto The Hoshinoya Combines Tranquility Traditional Design And Cleverly Woven Modern Touches Such As Its Bamboo Bend Sofas

Tucked away upriver from Kyoto, the Hoshinoya combines tranquility, traditional design and cleverly woven modern touches such as its bamboo-bend sofas.

JAPAN Ticket Windows In Japan Can Be Bewildering But Fortunately The Pronunciation Is Relatively Manageable A Little Sign Language Also Goes A Long Way

Ticket windows in Japan can be bewildering but fortunately the pronunciation is relatively manageable. A little sign language also goes a long way!

JAPAN Visit Yokohama Down The Bay From Tokyo For Chinatown Cocktails At Landmark Tower And Some Of The Best Summertime Firework Displays

Visit Yokohama - down the bay from Tokyo - for cocktails at Landmark Tower, Chinatown and some of the best summertime firework displays.

JAPAN Japan Is Renowned For Borrowing And Enhancing Western Ideas Which Finds Its Finest Evocation In The Grandiosity Of The Ritz Carlton Osaka

Japan is renowned for borrowing and enhancing western ideas, which finds its finest evocation in the grandiosity  of the Ritz Carlton Osaka.

JAPAN Several Japanese Towns Vie For The Title Of Little Kyoto But Kanazawa Is Perhaps The Second Culturally Rich City In Japan With Many Opportunities To Experience Traditional Arts

Several Japanese towns vie for the title of 'Little Kyoto', but Kanazawa is perhaps the second culturally rich city in Japan with many opportunities to experience traditional arts.

JAPAN The Best Way To Enjoy The Bright Lights Of Osakas Dotonburi Canal Is By Riverboat With A Fantastic Live Jazz Quartet

Enjoy Osaka's buzzing Dotonburi canal by riverboat, which play host to fantastic live jazz quartets at night.

JAPAN The Hoshinoya In Arashiyama Outside Kyoto Is An Exclusive Tranquil Retreat Reached By Boat Up The Hozu River

The Hoshinoya in Arashiyama outside Kyoto is an exclusive tranquil retreat, reached by boat up the Hozu river.

JAPAN Shinjuku Tokyo Is A Labyrinth Of Late Night Izakaya Restaurants And Shoebox Bars That Reward The Adventurous Urban Explorer

Shinjuku, Tokyo is a labyrinth of late-night izakaya restaurants and shoebox bars that reward the adventurous urban explorer.

JAPAN From The Citys Finest Pastries To The Beautiful Traditional Washi Paper Lampshades The Ritz Carlton In Kyoto Is The Epitomy Of Style And Luxury In Japans Most Historic City

From the city's finest pastries to the beautiful traditional washi paper lampshades, the Ritz Carlton in Kyoto is the epitomy of style and luxury in Japan's most historic city.

JAPAN Ancient Temples Are Tucked Between The Modern Architecture Of Tokyo The Most Visited Being Senso Ji In Asakusa

Ancient temples are tucked between the modern architecture of Tokyo, the most visited being Senso-ji in Asakusa.

JAPAN Shirakawago In The Japan Alps Is Particularly Beautiful In Spring When Many Indigenous Flowers Bloom

Shirakawago in the Japan Alps is particularly beautiful in spring when many indigenous flowers bloom.

JAPAN Despite Stiff Competition From Newer Hotels Over The Last Decade The Park Hyatts New York Bar Is Still The Place For Live Jazz In The City

Despite stiff competition from newer hotels over the last decade, the Park Hyatt Tokyo's New York Bar is still the place for live jazz in the city.


Discover Luxury Japan Holidays

Japan truly is a country unlike any other: rich in extraordinary heritage sites, fascinating idiosyncrasies and exquisite beauty – one is bound to fall under its otherworldly spell. 

Enjoy a luxury Japan tour with us to witness how this culture-rich island simultaneously embraces new innovations and maintains its past, by upholding traditional Japanese values and immaculately preserving its outstanding heritage and beauty spots. A wide array of other special discoveries await; even its local transport system is unparalleled. Experience Japan in local fashion by enjoying a bentō lunchbox on a lightning-fast 300kph bullet train while marveling at how everything runs precisely to schedule, and catch glimpses of ethereal geisha in their delicate kimonos in Kyoto and Kanazawa.

Explore the natural wonders of its countryside during a Japan trip and experience renowned hot spring onsen, as well as the hidden paths around the many living temples and shrines. These rural escapes make for ideal day trips from the exhilarating First World capital of Tokyo, especially the historic Nikkō with its UNESCO sites and Hakone with its acclaimed art galleries. There are also many landscaped havens open to the public in the cities themselves, from Shinjuku Gyoen with its Japanese and European areas in Tokyo, to the austere but equally beautiful zen and moss gardens in Kyoto.

Japan has the reputation of being an expensive country, but our local guides can find you a hearty bowl of ramen or some side-street sushi at just a few hundred yen, plus you never need to tip anybody. That said, Japan has some of the most luxurious and exclusive restaurants and spa retreats in the world. From the dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants serving cosmopolitan cuisine to the uniquely Japanese multi-course kaiseki feasts included with a ryokan stay, to eat in Japan is a food lover’s dream. Staying in one of Japan’s luxury hotels or traditional ryokans is a highlight as you will experience a level of hospitality that we can often only wish for back home! Some of these traditional Japanese ryokans preserve the architecture and customs of pre-modern Japan, with sliding screen doors, bamboo-mat floors and ornamental gardens. Others offer a new take on the old traditions and Japanese culture, such as the new Amanemu spa retreat. As you travel Japan, you will step into a world which closely mirrors ours in the West, yet on closer inspection, you’ll find it to be distinctly Japanese in the details.

For a more unusual tour of Japan, head off the bullet train track and you'll find the great mountain backbone of the largest island, Honshu, which can be appreciated at one’s own pace on a relaxed or active holiday. In Hokkaido, the northernmost island, go skiing down Mount Fuji-shaped Annupuri mountain at the centre of Niseko resort on your holiday to Japan, hike through the unspoilt expanse of Daisetsuzan National Park, or go snow-shoeing and ice-walking on the remote eastern peninsula - perfect for family holidays in Japan. South of Honshu are the lesser-travelled islands of Kyushu with stunning volcanic landscapes and Nagasaki – Japan's San Francisco. And on Shikoku, the smallest of the four main islands, explore hidden valleys, historic temples and shrines, and hot spring towns. If you are looking for a beach break to combine with your Japan tour, the tropical islands at the southern end of the Okinawa chain have some of the very best sand and surf in all of Asia.

Holidays to Japan constantly defy expectations, as it is such a vastly varied country, but you can always expect the warmest welcome from the most humble local inns to the most exclusive city hotels and restaurants. While this otherworldly country may seem overwhelming, it is remarkably ordered and our expert travel guides are more than happy to lend a helping hand. A luxury holiday in Japan is sure to be unforgettable, particularly during nature's finest seasons: the renowned cherry blossom sakura season - which tends to bloom in southern Japan from the end of March, and the often-overlooked autumnal season - when vivid autumn leaves set the magnificent country ablaze with their colourful hues.

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Izu Japan 3

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Japan's Ultimate Island Hopping Tour

Okinawa Japan 6

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The 1,000 km Okinawa island chain extends from mainland Japan into the tropics, and the islands featured on this itinerary...

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Experience Japan

Experience Japan 13

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It's said that Japan is an expensive holiday destination, and it's certainly true that the top hotels match the best...

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Japan: A Perfect Introduction

Unmissable Japan 1

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Japan is a varied and culturally rich country which rewards repeat visits. First-timers can cover a lot of ground culturally...

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The Length of the Bullet Train Line in Japan

Length Of The Bullet Train Line 16

21 days from £8,950

With two recent extensions to Aomori in the north and Kagoshima to the south, the bullet train line now runs...

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Autumn Leaves in Japan

Autumn Leaves In Japan 5

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Like their European namesake, the Japan Alps can be explored at any time of year. In the winter, Hakuba ski...

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Ultimate Luxury Tour of Japan

Best Of The Best In Japan 9

13 days from £11,450

Japan has the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, and it has a number of super-luxe accommodation options to match....

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Following the Cherry Blossom through Japan

Following The Cherry Blossom Through Japan 11

15 days from £6,450

It’s not an exact science, but the famous cherry blossom trees tend to bloom around the end of March on...

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Gardens, Temples and Customs of Japan

Gardens Architecture And Customs Of Japan 1

15 days from £6,950

From the Imperial Palace gardens to the zen-inspired grounds of ancient temples, Japan is an ideal destination for lovers of...

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An Art Lover's Tour of Japan

Japan James Jayasundera Ampersand Travel 52

15 days from £6,495

We have long been fascinated with Japanese art. The Impressionists’ love of Japonisme is returned in kind, with some of...

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Japan's Coasts and Countryside

Cities Coasts And Countryside

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The great bustling cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima are rich with the history and culture of Japan, from its...

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Family Adventure in Japan

Family Adventure In Japan

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Japan offers endless fun for big kids and little kids alike. This itinerary encapsulates all that is weird and wonderful...

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Sake, Snow, Shrines, Sand and Sushi

Sake Snow Shrines Sand And Sushi 13

17 days from £6,990

Japan has world class ski resorts as well as beaches to rival the best in Bali. So why not combine...

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Some of our favourite hotels in Japan

Amanemu ,

Amanemu Ise Japan 7

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Aman opened Amanemu in spring 2016 following the resounding success of Aman Tokyo....

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Shangri-La ,

Shangri La Tokyo Japan 6

Located just around the corner from Tokyo station, the Shangri-La is a strong contender for Tokyo's best hotel. It has...

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The Conrad ,

Conrad, Tokyo, Japan (1).jpg

The stylish and luxurious Conrad is a thoroughly modern hotel set amongst the high-rise architecture of the Shiodome district. Near...

View here

Ritz-Carlton Kyoto ,

Ritz Carlton Kyoto Japan 10

Inspired by the concept of a luxury ryokan, this perfectly formed hotel feels intimate and luxurious. A host of highly...

View here

Palace Hotel ,

Palace Tokyo Japan 10

Fully renovated and reopened in 2012, the Palace Hotel has a distinguished postwar history of hosting VIPs in the financial...

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Mandarin Oriental Tokyo ,

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Japan 11

In each great historic Asian city you will find a flagship Mandarin Oriental hotel that cleverly combines the heights of...

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Some of our favourite places of interest in Japan


Kumamoto Japan 3

Towards the end of the bullet train track on the southern island of Kyushu is Kumamoto, where one of Japan’s...

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Kagoshima Japan 1

Right down at the tip of Kyushu - the southernmost of Japan's four main islands - is the pleasant port...

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Tokyo Japan 3

The ultimate metropolis, Tokyo is one of the world's most exciting and vibrant cities. While the sheer size and energy...

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Niseko Japan 2

Niseko on the northernmost island of Hokkiado is Japan's premier skiing destination. As well as having some of the most...

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Yudanaka Japan 5

If visiting the Japan Alps in the winter months then the snow monkeys are a must see, and even in...

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Matsumoto Japan 1

For castle enthusiasts, Matsumoto is a must see. Lying two and a half hours’ train ride north of Tokyo up...

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