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Izu Peninsula

Halfway down the east side of the Izu Peninsula are the jagged bays of Jogosaki, where walking trails and a suspension bridge allow visitors to admire this stretch of coastline. The Hanafubuki is located an easy walk or shuttle bus ride away, with a dozen rooms and individually designed villas spread out in woodland.

It’s the ideal place to come back to after a day’s walking, as there are seven communal hot spring baths to choose between. These onsen baths vary in temperature and are both indoors and outdoors, providing you with many comfortable and scenic spots in which to relax and unwind during your stay. Better still, you can even use them privately – a rare luxury in Japanese onsen bathing culture. If you’re still in need of deeper relaxation, massages are available to book here.

This hotel is home to four different villas, which are each made up of 2 to 8 Japanese and Western-style guest rooms. These are all are set among the mesmerising forest, so you can enjoy picturesque calming views through the spacious windows. While this hotel is predominately styled in a traditional Japanese fashion, modern luxuries are still included, from speedy Wi-fi in the main areas to discreet televisions in the guest rooms. Enjoy a multi-course traditional ‘kaiseki’ meal in the ‘ship’ restaurant decked out in mast and sails before retiring to seclusion, peace and quiet of your room.

Upon arrival, receive a welcoming greeting from the polite staff and feel at ease in the zen atmosphere of this woodland modern ryokan. It appears to have been designed with the Western visitor in mind as Western rooms are available (in the typically Japanese twin bed layout) and vegetarians are catered for in their restaurants.

Hanafubuki is a brilliant option for keen walkers who would like to immerse themselves in the unspoiled rural scenery of the Izu Peninsula. A huge draw of this hotel is that it offers experiences that give guests insight into Japanese cultural traditions, such as hot spring onsen baths, tatami mat rooms and ‘kaiseki’ dinners, without missing out contemporary comforts - making it a great choice.

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