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JAPAN The Old Trading Canal At Kurashiki With Its Converted Storehouses And Distinctive Black Tile Roofs Is One Of The Most Pleasant Places To Stroll In Japan

The old trading canal at Kurashiki, with its converted storehouses and distinctive black-tile roofs, is one of the most pleasant places to stroll in Japan.

JAPAN O Hanami Cherry Blossom Festivities Carry On Late In The Evening In Maruyama Park Kyoto

'O-hanami' cherry blossom festivities carry on late in the evening in Maruyama Park, Kyoto.

JAPAN Nomura Is One Of Several Beautifully Preserved Nobles Houses In Kanazawa With A Small But Perfectly Formed Ornamental Garden

Nomura is one of several beautifully preserved nobles' houses in Kanazawa, with a small but perfectly formed ornamental garden.

JAPAN The Iconic Snow Monkeys Of Yudanaka In The Japan Alps Hang Out At The Hot Spring Pool

The iconic snow monkeys of Yudanaka in the Japan Alps hang out at the hot spring pool.

JAPAN Stroll Through The Giant Bamboo Forest In Arashiyama Outside Kyoto To The Hidden Villa And Garden Of Okochi Sanso

Stroll through the giant bamboo forest in Arashiyama outside Kyoto, to the hidden villa and garden of Okochi Sanso.

JAPAN It May Not Look Like Much At First Glance But Austere Ryoanji Rock Garden Is A Fine Expression Of Zen Buddhism And Induces A Contemplative State Even At Busy Times

It may not look like much at first glance, but austere Ryoanji rock garden is a fine expression of Zen Buddhism and induces a contemplative state even at busy times.

JAPAN Kanazawa Is A Treasure Trove Of Pre Modern Teahouses And Houses Of The Nobility Where Arts Such As Taiko Drumming Can Be Experienced

Kanazawa is a treasure trove of pre-modern teahouses and houses of the nobility where arts such as taiko drumming can be experienced

JAPAN Explore The Wide Streets Of Ginza In Tokyo For World Class Shopping And Dining Some Are Pedestrianised At Weekends

Explore the wide streets of Ginza in Tokyo for world class shopping and dining - some are pedestrianised at weekends.

JAPAN At Sprwaling Tsukiji Fish Market The Main Tuna Auction Is Done By 5 Am And Adjacent Stalls Selling Are Selling The Freshest Possible Sushi Straight Afterwards

At Tokyo's sprawling Tsukiji Fish Market, the main tuna auction is done by 5 a.m. and adjacent stalls selling are selling the freshest possible sushi straight afterwards.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 6

A masterful dance of filtered light and shade, the new Aman Tokyo's atrium lobby is a stylish urban sanctuary to retreat to after the frenetic energy of Tokyo.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 3

The Aman Tokyo boasts the largest rooms and suites in the city, some of which look out onto Tokyo Skytree.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 1

See all the sights from the warmth of your bathtub at the Aman Tokyo - each guestroom and suite has a large furo and a deep soaking tub.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 4

The Aman Tokyo's achingly chic and serene 30-metre swimming pool is part of the Aman Spa, which has eight treatment rooms, a state-of-the-art Fitness Centre, a Yoga studio and a Pilates Studio.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 2

Each of the Aman Tokyo's 84 guestrooms and suites draw design inspiration from a paired back Japanese aesthetic. Pictured here, the Premier Room's living area is the epitome of Zen.

JAPAN - AMAN TOKYO Tokyo Japan 5

Tokyo has more Michelin-starred restaurants than anywhere else in the world, and 'The Restaurant by Aman' aims to put the Aman Tokyo at the culinary forefront.

JAPAN This Iconic Beachside Sculpture On Naoshima Island Is As Eccentric As The Artist Yayoi Kusama That Hasnt Stopped It Being The Inspiration For Louis Vuitton Products

This iconic beachside sculpture on Naoshima Island is as eccentric as the artist, Yayoi Kusama. That hasn't stopped it being the inspiration for Louis Vuitton products.

JAPAN Ryokan Kurashiki Has The Charm Of A Fine English BB With Japanese Refinement And Omotenashi Hospitality Making It An Ampersand Favourite

Ryokan Kurashiki has the charm of a fine English B&B with Japanese refinement and 'omotenashi' hospitality, making it an Ampersand Favourite.

JAPAN With Its Leafy Sidewalks Coffee Shop Terraces And High Service Standards The Peninsula Tokyo Equals Experiences At The Sister Property In Paris

With its leafy sidewalks, coffee shop terraces and high service standards, The Peninsula Tokyo equals experiences at the sister property in Paris

JAPAN The Eye Catching Oval Pool At The Peninsula Hotel Also Offer Views Across To The Imperial Palace

The eye-catching oval pool at the Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo also offer views across to the Imperial Palace.

JAPAN Peninsula Tokyo Eriko Horiki Washi Paper Art Experience

Peninsula Tokyo's Eriko Horiki Washi Paper Art Experience

JAPAN Upgrade Rooms At The Peninsula Hotel In Tokyo Offer Some Of The Best Views Of The Imperial Palace Grounds

Upgrade rooms at the Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo offer some of the best views of the Imperial Palace grounds.

JAPAN Design Buffs Will Love The Modern Sculpture And Design In The Public Areas Of The Peninsula Hotel

Design buffs will love the modern sculpture and design in the public areas of the Peninsula Tokyo.

JAPAN Tucked Away Upriver From Kyoto The Hoshinoya Combines Tranquility Traditional Design And Cleverly Woven Modern Touches Such As Its Bamboo Bend Sofas

Tucked away upriver from Kyoto, the Hoshinoya combines tranquility, traditional design and cleverly woven modern touches such as its bamboo-bend sofas.

JAPAN Ticket Windows In Japan Can Be Bewildering But Fortunately The Pronunciation Is Relatively Manageable A Little Sign Language Also Goes A Long Way

Ticket windows in Japan can be bewildering but fortunately the pronunciation is relatively manageable. A little sign language also goes a long way!

JAPAN Visit Yokohama Down The Bay From Tokyo For Chinatown Cocktails At Landmark Tower And Some Of The Best Summertime Firework Displays

Visit Yokohama - down the bay from Tokyo - for cocktails at Landmark Tower, Chinatown and some of the best summertime firework displays.

JAPAN Japan Is Renowned For Borrowing And Enhancing Western Ideas Which Finds Its Finest Evocation In The Grandiosity Of The Ritz Carlton Osaka

Japan is renowned for borrowing and enhancing western ideas, which finds its finest evocation in the grandiosity  of the Ritz Carlton Osaka.

JAPAN Several Japanese Towns Vie For The Title Of Little Kyoto But Kanazawa Is Perhaps The Second Culturally Rich City In Japan With Many Opportunities To Experience Traditional Arts

Several Japanese towns vie for the title of 'Little Kyoto', but Kanazawa is perhaps the second culturally rich city in Japan with many opportunities to experience traditional arts.

JAPAN The Best Way To Enjoy The Bright Lights Of Osakas Dotonburi Canal Is By Riverboat With A Fantastic Live Jazz Quartet

Enjoy Osaka's buzzing Dotonburi canal by riverboat, which play host to fantastic live jazz quartets at night.

JAPAN The Hoshinoya In Arashiyama Outside Kyoto Is An Exclusive Tranquil Retreat Reached By Boat Up The Hozu River

The Hoshinoya in Arashiyama outside Kyoto is an exclusive tranquil retreat, reached by boat up the Hozu river.

JAPAN From The Citys Finest Pastries To The Beautiful Traditional Washi Paper Lampshades The Ritz Carlton In Kyoto Is The Epitomy Of Style And Luxury In Japans Most Historic City

From the city's finest pastries to the beautiful traditional washi paper lampshades, the Ritz Carlton in Kyoto is the epitomy of style and luxury in Japan's most historic city.

JAPAN Ancient Temples Are Tucked Between The Modern Architecture Of Tokyo The Most Visited Being Senso Ji In Asakusa

Ancient temples are tucked between the modern architecture of Tokyo, the most visited being Senso-ji in Asakusa.

JAPAN Shirakawago In The Japan Alps Is Particularly Beautiful In Spring When Many Indigenous Flowers Bloom

Shirakawago in the Japan Alps is particularly beautiful in spring when many indigenous flowers bloom.

JAPAN Despite Stiff Competition From Newer Hotels Over The Last Decade The Park Hyatts New York Bar Is Still The Place For Live Jazz In The City

Despite stiff competition from newer hotels over the last decade, the Park Hyatt Tokyo's New York Bar is still the place for live jazz in the city.


Places of Interest

Japan is truly a destination for all seasons, with lots of bright clear days in winter and excellent skiing in the Japan Alps and the northernmost island of Hokkaido. In spring the famous cherry blossom trees line city streets, adorn temples and grow wild on hillsides and there’s a festive atmosphere as the Japanese have ‘o-hanami’ gatherings under the boughs. In summer you can fly to the tropical Okinawan islands, or escape the heat in the Japan Alps dotted with charming hot spring towns and natural beauty spots like Kamikochi mountain plateau. Then in the autumn, red and gold leaves fringe lakesides, boulevards and mountain bus rides, enriching an experience already full of historic, natural and ultra-modern vistas.

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Akan, Japan (5).jpg

At the heart of eastern Hokkaido, Lake Akan is most well known for its giant 'marimo' giant moss balls that...

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Aomori Japan 5

Aomori grew as a port town serving the northernmost island of Hokkaido before the Seikan undersea tunnel opened in 1988....

View here


Aso Japan 4

This is the world's largest volcanic caldera, and despite the regular announcements of volcanic activity there are 10,000 people living...

View here


Hagi Japan cover.jpg

This little gem of a town is three hours' ride across to the north sea coast from Hiroshima, but it's...

View here


Hakone Japan 2

Less than one hundred kilometres west of Tokyo, in the foothills of Mount Fuji, lies the sleepy town of Hakone,...

View here


Hakuba, Japan 1.jpg

Since the resounding success of hosting several events for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, Happō-One ski resort in Hakuba has...

View here

Hiroshima & Miyajima

Hiroshima Japan 8

Hiroshima is renowned for its phoenix city status and has truly risen from the ashes, with tree-lined boulevards, friendly locals...

View here


Hokkaido, Japan (10).jpg

If you venture far enough North in Japan to reach Hokkaido, we promise you will be rewarded for taking the...

View here


Honshu, mainland Japan (9).jpg

Spanning over 800 miles of diverse terrain, the mighty Japanese heartland - Honshu - encapsulates all that springs to mind when...

View here

Kii Peninsula

Kii Peninsula Japan 8

Ise, a pretty idyll found along the Kii Peninsula's coastline, is home to the celebrated Amanemu - but there is much more...

View here

Izu Peninsula

Izu Japan 4

Located around 100km south-west of Tokyo, the rugged Izu Peninsula is best reached by one of Japan’s most scenic coastal train...

View here

Kaga Onsen

Kaga Onsen Japan 2

Kaga Onsen is home to four charming hot spring villages, each made up of historic Onsen (bathhouses), traditional Ryokan (inns)...

View here


KagoshimaJapan cover.jpg

Right down at the tip of Kyushu - the southernmost of Japan's four main islands - is the pleasant port town...

View here


Kamikochi Japan 2.jpg

This mountain plateau high up in the Japan Alps is only accessible in the milder months, and is one of...

View here


Kanazawa Japan 2

Kanazawa is often overlooked by first-time travellers to Japan, yet this city is home to a wonderful mixture of both...

View here


Karuizawa Japan 3.jpg (1)

Much-loved as a weekend retreat by affluent Tokyo urbanites, Karuizawa is set deep within a verdant mountainous valley in the...

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m_180329 Kinosaki in winter.jpg

If we had to pick one hot spring town from the dozens throughout Japan, it would be Kinosaki. This little...

View here

Kiso Valley

Kiso valley - Nakasendo (1).jpg

Home to the ancient ‘Nakasendo Way’ walking route, Kiso Valley offers a genuinely traditional atmosphere reminiscent of the begone Edo...

View here


Kumamoto Japan (3).jpg

Towards the end of the bullet train track in Kyushu sits Kumamoto. You may recognise this city's name as it is...

View here


Kurashiki bikan gusta.jpg

This small town's Bikan historical quarter is just half a dozen preserved streets around a picturesque willow-lined canal, but is...

View here


Kurokawa Japan 6

Tucked away in the centre of the southernmost main island of Kyushu, Kurokawa is an atmospheric hideaway devoted to hot...

View here

Kyoto & Nara

Kyoto Japan temple.jpg

This now modern city is filled with historical treasures, seventeen of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. At...

View here


Matsue Japan 3

On the north coast of western Honshu, well off the bullet train line, is Matsue, home to Adachi Art Museum,...

View here


Matsumoto Japan 1

For castle enthusiasts, Matsumoto is a must see. Lying two and a half hours’ train ride north of Tokyo up...

View here


Miyakojima Japan 3

Three of Japan's top 10 beaches are here on Miyakojima, a far-flung island towards the southern end of the 1,000...

View here

Mount Koya

Mount Koya (1).jpg

Deep within the majestic mountains of the Wakayama Prefecture, not too far from Osaka or Kyoto, lies Mount Koya (known...

View here


Nagasaki_City japan.jpg

This port city on the southern island of Kyushu was one of the first to open up to western trade,...

View here


Naoshima Japan cover.jpg (1)

For contemporary art lovers, Naoshima is one of the most talked about immersive experiences in the world. Home to unique...

View here


Nasu Japan (1).jpg

The Nasu highlands are part of a 2000m high mountain plateau that centres on volcanic Nasudake, with well-loved hot spring...

View here


Nikko Japan 2.jpg

Just north from Tokyo, Nikko makes for an ideal day trip away from bustling city-life and is well-known for its...

View here


Niseko (2).jpg

Niseko on the northernmost island of Hokkiado is Japan's premier skiing destination. As well as having some of the most...

View here

Noto Peninsula

Noto Japan 3

If you want to get well off the beaten track, the Noto Peninsula is for you. Along the 200km coastal...

View here

Nyuto Onsen

Nyuto Japan 1

Seekers of the finest hot springs in Japan invariably have Nyuto Onsen in their top three. For three hundred years...

View here


Okinawa, Japan (6).jpg

When one hears of Japan, the images that first spring to mind sit in complete contrast to the bright white...

View here


Osaka Japan 2

Osaka locals have their own dialect and are perhaps a bit brasher than Tokyo-ites, so a visit here is bound...

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Sapporo Japan 11

Sapporo is the prefectural capital of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. It is an area the size of Scotland,...

View here


Sendai Japan (5).jpg

Sendai itself is a pleasant modern city and makes a great base for exploration of the Tohoku region. While visiting...

View here


Shirakawago Japan 3

The charming hamlet of Shirakawago lies within one of Japan’s most picturesque spots in the Gifu region, where feudal ‘shōguns’ and ‘samurai’...

View here


Takayama Japan 2

This small traditional mountain town is a favourite amongst Japanese and western visitors alike. Its fine late 17th century charm...

View here

The Kumano Kodo

Kumano Kodo Hongu (3).jpg (1)

While the ancient pilgrimage route ‘The Kumano Kodo’ hovers relatively under the radar on an international scale, it is well-renowned...

View here


Tokyo Japan (3).jpg

The ultimate metropolis, Tokyo is one of the world's most exciting and vibrant cities. While the sheer size and energy...

View here


Tsuwano Japan 2

A favourite of Japanese tourists but rarely visited by westerners, Tsuwano is a great day trip from Hiroshima. En route...

View here

Yaeyama Islands

Yaeyama Islands Japan 3

At the southernmost end of the 1,000 km Okinawa island chain lie the beautiful Yaeyama Islands with their picturesque turquoise...

View here


Yakushima Japan 10

Yakushima island lies just off the southern tip of Kyushu, but has an entirely different rainy climate that has led...

View here


Yudanaka Japan (2).jpg

If visiting the Japan Alps in the winter months then the snow monkeys are a must see, and even in...

View here

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