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Jomsom is the capital and administration headquarters of Mustang district, which stretches from the Tibetan border to Ghasa along the Kali Gandaki river. The deepest gorge in the world lies here along the Kali Gandaki as the river passes between two eight thousanders, Mt Annapurna and Mt Dhaulagiri. Jomsom, (2,713 metres) is important for its strategic position on the Annupurna Trek circuit and is known for splendid mountain views of the Nilgiri Peaks and Dhaulagiri, the sixth highest peak in the world. The higher altitudes around Jomsom are marked by sparse vegetation and dry climate, very different to the region around Pokhara. You will notice a remarkable change in the culture of the local populace. The inhabitants of the lower regions are Hindus while those in the upper mountainous regions are Buddhists. People who live in the highest regions of Nepal seem more Tibetan than Nepali.

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Jomsom Nepal Jomsom Nepal


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