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Taprobane Island

Taprobane Island is an enticing prospect for clients travelling to the Southern coast of Sri Lanka. The island is a thirty minute car journey from UN World Heritage site at Galle Fort. The thrilling mode of reaching this stunning archipelago is by walking through the surf itself or by elephant. With nothing between the Island and the South Pole, you really do feel the tranquillity of far-away island life from the comfort of one of just five en-suite rooms on the island.

Five members of staff are in place to make sure your stay is special. Beautiful jungle gardens and an infinity pool provide relaxing options for your afternoons on the island. A private chef prepares delicious fresh Asian style seafood and curries. Sunsets and cocktails are a given in this sheer paradise, watch over the Indian Ocean and take in the purity of being almost isolated in an incredibly beautiful part of the world. 

Taprobane Island Sri Lanka Luxury Holiday With Ampersand Travel Taprobane Island Sri Lanka Luxury Holiday With Ampersand Travel


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