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Bangkok, one of the most exciting metropolises in Asia was founded in 1782. It is constantly evolving and the recent explosion of modernisation has captured the mood and spirit of 21st Century Asia. Towering skyscrapers press up against Chinese shop fronts and brand-new Mercedes squeeze past vendors with pushcarts - this is a city of sharp contrasts. Culture fiends will delight in the dazzling Royal Palace and the city's countless pagodas, while shoppers could spend weeks sifting through Bangkok's malls and open-air markets. Entertainment ranges from highbrow to the notorious with everything in between. A food lover's paradise, this epicurean city caters for all tastes from fine dining in a plush French restaurant with views over the Chao Praya River to sampling fried crickets on the side of the road. Prepare to have all of your senses engaged.

THAILAND - Bangkok, tuk tuk THAILAND - Bangkok, tuk tuk
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