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Words do not do the visually spectacular Potala Palace in Lhasa justice. Simply stand back and allow the view to do the talking. 

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Literally meaning "place of the gods" Lhasa is arguably the most spiritual place in all of Tibet.

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For such a beautiful and culturally rich country, Tibet does not receive as many visitors as it should. So expect a warm welcome from the locals and your guides! 

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Often referred to as "Heavenly Lake" the Namtso Lake is one of the most peaceful places in Tibet. 

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Cross the Namtso Lake by boat for an unforgettable journey to reach the Sera monastery. 

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Far more than simply a tourist trap, you will encounter many locals en-route to Tibet’s oldest monasteries. Like this traditionally dressed local woman on her way to the Sera Monastery. 

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Dating back to 1419 the Sera Monastery is one of the oldest still in existence. Even today it is still a fully functioning monastic university and is home to several hundred monks between the ages of 8 and 70. 

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Follow Robert Frost's advice (but not in his footsteps) and take the road less travelled, of which there are plenty in Tibet! 

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Rural areas are littered with these religious shrines covered in colourful Tibetan prayer flags. They are used to bless the surrounding countryside and protect travellers. If you circle them three times it is believed to be good luck! 

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Try some traditional Tibetan 'chang': a rice based beer with a bit of a kick. It's something of an acquired taste! 

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Wander the streets of the Himalayan town of Tingri and experience a way of life that has remained largely unchanged for decades. 

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Tibet's answer to bunting: from rural passes to town centres, the region is covered with it. A perfect souvenir to take home to remember your trip!

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Dating back many centuries, Tibetan prayer flags are often decorated using the traditional methods of woodblock printing. 

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We will ensure you travel around Tibet in a sturdy 4x4 with one of our highly experienced and friendly guides - you will need both to travel through some of the more rural areas! 

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The Qomolangma National Park is an area of extreme and unspoiled natural beauty. 

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Tibetan Yak's make up nearly 80% of the worlds yak population. They are an integral part of Tibetan life: from milk to meat to carrying heavy loads and using their thick shaggy coat for wool. Despite often weighing in at over 500kg and their intimidating looking horns, these creatures are very docile and do not give passing travelers any trouble. 

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A drive along some of Tibet's roads will reveal how truly remote this country is, passing nothing from the car or yak for miles on end. 

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James, Ampersand MD, taking a tour of Lhasa by horse and cart. 

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Horse and cart is still the only way to get around for may of the local people. 

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Located at an altitude of almost 12,000 feet Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world.

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We recommend that you allow a day to acclimatize yourself to the thin air before exploring The Potala Palace. At 12,000 feet not only is it the highest monastery in the world: it is literally breath-taking! 

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The Potala Palace’s hallways and corridors are still filled with the same chanting and scent of incense that they would have been centuries ago.

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The palace is an iconic symbol of Tibetan Buddhism. It housed a school for the religious training of monks as well as being a major pilgrimage destination for the tombs of past Dalai Lamas. 

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Welcome to Tibet

Tibet is a vast country - five times the size of Nepal and even with its current high political profile it is still seen as a mysterious entity by the West. It is the high-altitude Land of Snows, the mystical inspiration for James Hilton's best-selling novel Shangri-La, and the possessor of some of the most desolate yet magnificent scenery on the planet.

Its towns and cities have suffered from the leaden hand of Communism, with bombastic architecture and insensitive road systems. Underlying everything is a profound religious sensibility; Buddhism arrived in the 7th century, merging with the indigenous religion, Bön, evidence of which can still be seen. From a visitors' point of view, Tibet is not only very large but very high; Lhasa, the capital, is 3,650 metres above sea level and the bulk of the country is above 5,000 metres, rising to 6,000 in the south - the highest plateau in the world. Tourists are drawn by the picturesque culture and dramatic landscapes. Lhasa is home to the forbidding white-and-ochre Palace and JokhangTemple, the religious centre of the country, and is ringed with temples, monasteries and nunneries. In the south is Mount Everest - on the Nepali border - whose north face can be seen from Rongphu Monastery. The views are marvellous and it is possible to divert to Everest Base Camp.

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