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Luxury Sailboats

On one of Ampersand’s top 10 luxury sailboats, the journey really is the destination. From Indonesia’s Komodo Islands and the marine wonderland of Raja Ampat to Burma’s undiscovered Mergui Archipelago, these boats sail some of Asia’s most stunning seas. The vessels themselves are decked out in the height of luxury and, along with expert crews and ample sporting equipment, they promise a truly knock out nautical adventure. Traditional phinsi sailboats appeal to the child in everyone and they are the ideal way to explore the paradise tropical islands of South East Asia. Sumptuous cabins, excellent service and out-of-this-world sunsets guaranteed.


Silolona, The Komodo Islands, Indonesia

Silolona is a 49-metre wooden sailboat hand-carved in the traditional "Phinsi" style following the ancestral traditions of Konjo boat builders and luxuriously fitted out with crisp white cushions, one-off Asian...


Tiger Blue, Raja Ampat Island, Indonesia

  Tiger Blue is one of Ampersand's Top 10 Winter Sun Trips A voyage aboard Tiger Blue offers a unique sea safari holiday experience that truly appeals to the child in everyone. Be...


Alexa, The Komodo Islands, Indonesia

Mixing the traditional with the new, Alexa is a classic sailing vessel built exclusively for two and furnished with original teak, glass and stainless steel. Appointed with primitive sculptures and...


Dunia Baru, The Komodo Islands, Indonesia

After six years in the making superyacht Dunia Baru was launched in early 2014 and is an astonishing mix of old world and new. Elegant and spacious, Dunia Baru accommodates...


Si Datu Bua, Raja Ampat Island, Indonesia

The latest addition to the Silolona Sojourns collection, Si Datu Bua is equally as magnificent as her older sister Silolona, the flagship of this extraordinary fleet of black-sailed traditional ships offering...


SY Aventure, Mergui Archipelago, Burma

Sleeping up to 6 guests in a master cabin and 2 guest staterooms with queen-sized beds, Aventure is one of the classiest sail boats to sail this unexplored and stunning...


SY Sunshine, Mergui Archipelago, Burma

Sleeping up to 6 guests in two main staterooms and a spacious aft cabin, Sunshine is the ultimate in luxury when sailing Burma’s unexplored Mergui Archipelago. Built according to the...


SY Raja Laut, Mergui Archipelago, Burma

Over 100 feet in length Raja Laut is an antique gentleman’s yacht built in the tradition of the 19th century Baltic traders with elegant, classic lines and varnished timber interiors....