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A Six Senses Journey through the Kingdom of Bhutan

10 days from £9,000 per person

The Six Senses lodges are scattered throughout the five valleys of Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey, Bumthang and Paro. You can visit any one of the lodges individually or, to have the best experiences that Bhutan has to offer, we can plan a tailor-made Bhutan journey that will include a combination of all five lodges.

Your journey begins in Thimphu, the capital and country’s largest city, which lies in a steep valley surrounded by rich forested mountains dotted with ancient monasteries and temples. Explore the city’s highlights including Buddha Dordenma, Thimphu Dzong and the national museum, or simply relax in your luxurious surroundings, taking in Bhutan’s stress-free way of life. Driving onto Punakha you will be able to capture dramatic views of the Himalayan peaks at Dochu La Pass en-route. Soaring at over 10,000 feet, striking cloud-capped valley views and 108 hillside chortens, woven together with colourful fluttering prayer flags is a sight to behold.

Punakha Valley enjoys a warmer climate, and lower altitude of around 4,300 feet, so is a popular winter destination for many Bhutanese. Whilst in Punakha you will be able to get a fantastic sense of history and culture. Punakha Dzong is perhaps the most important site in Punakha. On the banks where the Pho and Mo rivers meet, the majestic structure stands six stories high and was constructed as an embodiment of Buddhist values. From Punakha to Gangtey, your route winds along rivers and through forests, eventually leading to Lha Wang La Pass which opens up on to the Phobjikha Valley, at 9,500 feet. Gangtey is home to the Black-necked Crane Visitor Centre, a conservation centre dedicated to protecting these vulnerable birds. Gangtey Goemba, known as “the Gem of Phobjikha” is also a highlight of Gangtey.

Venture deeper into the kingdom as you travel east to Bumthang, a thrilling region with even more striking landscapes of natural beauty; mountains, farmlands and rivers abound, dotted with herds of yaks and if you’re lucky, the occasional quick sighting of wild boar, deer, rare pheasants and other native animals. The quiet, alpine town of Paro is where this tour concludes. End your time in Bhutan by hiking up to Taktsang Goemba, known as Tiger’s Nest. This highly revered monastery was built on a sheer cliff face, roughly 2,950 feet above the Paro Valley, and on a clear day it is visible from the valley floor.

This luxury holiday is purely a suggested itinerary. It can be booked as it is or alternatively used as a starting point for creating your own perfect tailor-made holiday to Bhutan. If you'd like to see similar tours, take a look at our other Ultimate Luxury Villas HolidaysHoneymoons and Active Holidays.

Itinerary details

10 days from £9,000 per person

  • Day 1 - Six Senses Thimphu - Thimphu
    Arrive in Paro and transfer 45-minutes' to Thimphu. Spend the afternoon at leisure to acclimatise or to explore the local sites, including Thimphu Dzong, the Folk Heritage Museum, Jungshi paper factory and the weaving centre.
  • Day 2 - Six Senses Punakha - Punakha
    Enjoy a sunrise breakfast at the lodge before departing for Punakha, stopping over at the the Dochu La Pass en-route. Spend the afternoon at leisure.
  • Day 3 - Six Senses Punakha - Punakha
    This morning hike to Chorten Ningpo towards Khabasa Village and ending at the Punakha Dzong and the suspension bridge. Return to the lodge and spend the rest of the day at leisure.
  • Day 4 - Six Senses Gangtey - Gangtey
    Depart for Gangtey, passing through Lha Wang La Pass towards the Phobjikha Valley. Spend the afternoon at leisure; explore the village, mountain bike in the valley or enjoy a spa treatment.
  • Day 5 - Six Senses Gangtey - Gangtey
    Today hike along the Gangtey Nature Trail, and visit the Black-necked Crane Visitor Centre and Gangtey Goemba. Spend the afternoon at leisure.
  • Day 6 - Six Senses Bumthang - Bumthang
    Early morning departure for Bumthang with a stopover in Trongsa to visit the Dzong and museum, and to take a short walk into town. Arrive in Bumthang and spend the rest of day at leisure.
  • Day 7 - Six Senses Bumthang - Bumthang
    Morning hike to Padseling Goemba with a leisurely walk around Chamkhar Village. Spend the afternoon at leisure. Return to the lodge for lunch and a traditional Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath.
  • Day 8 - Six Senses Paro - Paro
    Depart for Bathpalathang Domestic Airport in the morning and fly back to Paro. Explore Paro town in the afternoon for light shopping and visit Dungtshe Lhakhang.
  • Day 9 - Six Senses Paro - Paro
    This morning depart on a hike to Taktsang Goemba (Tiger’s Nest). Spend the afternoon at leisure for last minute shopping or for relaxation at the lodge.
  • Day 10 - In transit.
    Morning transfer to Paro airport for your onward flight home.
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10 Six Senses, Paro.jpg 10 Six Senses, Paro.jpg
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2 Six Senses, Paro.jpg 2 Six Senses, Paro.jpg
8 Six Senses, Paro.jpg 8 Six Senses, Paro.jpg
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Client Testimonials

Everything you did for us whilst we were away was hugely appreciated, and Ampersand has been exemplary in every way. I'll always recommend you!
- Mr Richard Stoughton, Sri Lanka
I had a very lovely time and was looked after splendidly. My first visit to India could not have been better, save for being longer! But I shall return at some point and I shall look to you to make the arrangements.
- Matthew Nicklin, North India
So many highlights to choose from! The hotels were amazing but Maya Villa was a highlight… I loved just hanging out in the hammock reading my book and watching the peacocks chase the cows!
- Krista Weir, Sri Lanka
We had a wonderful holiday - everything was perfect. Thank you for helping us to make a thoughtful plan to enjoy and make most out of our trip. The places we visited, the guides, the transportation and driver, the hotels selected... Everything was great!
- Jaime Benitez, South India
I thought the Ampersand team was outstanding. We couldn’t have hoped for anything more.
- Mr Geoffrey Johnson, India
Without question, you put together the best trip I have ever taken. We were shown around like visiting dignitaries, the hotels were fantastic and the itinerary was just right. Everybody I know will hear about how amazing Ampersand is!
- Leslie Siben, India
Difficult to articulate just how good the service from you and your team really was. We know you will continue to do well and hope we have the chance to seek your assistance again before long.
- Mr & Mrs Manson, North India
Ampersand’s preparation, attention to detail and interaction before and during our trip show exactly why good travel agents have a role in today’s internet booking age. They were a delight to deal with!
- Mr David Wallace, North India

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