Thotalagala Haputale Sri Lanka 3
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  • Thotalagala Haputale Sri Lanka 3
SRI LANKA - Amanwella resort


Situated in Sri Lanka’s spectacular hill country, Haputale is perfectly situated for hiking in the mystically beautiful Horton Plains national park, dipping your toes into Bambarakanda, the island’s tallest waterfall and one of many in the area, and offering a fascinating insight into the island’s tea planter history. More charming than its rival Ella, Haputale offers an authentic overview of the country’s mountainous region. Simply, Haputale is a place where time stands still and nature takes over. A leisurely stroll through the countryside and breathing in that crisp fresh air is all it takes for holiday feeling to truly set in.

Home to some of Sri Lanka’s most lavish establishments, Haputale is the place to splurge. Choose from one of its splendid renovated tea planter’s bungalows and experience going back in time. Enjoy high tea on the lawn, a nightcap in the drawing room by a roaring fire and tour the surrounding tea plantations. It may not have the same tropical climate as its coastal counterparts but Haputale and the Hill Country offer a wonderful cultural experience and insight into Sri Lanka’s fascinating history. 

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