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Jewish Heritage Tours of China & India

Jewish Heritage Tour Of India - Mumbai (5)
Ampersand has created two new tours especially for our Jewish clients who would like to learn more about the rich ancient history of Judaism in India and China. There is an extraordinary amount of Jewish history to discover in both countries and tours can be extended to include many more destinations, but here we present you with two itineraries that promise a fascinating and spiritual trip.

Our Jewish Heritage Tour of India journeys through the Jewish heritage hubs of Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Cochin. These vibrant cities are home to living synagogues and a handful of Jewish Indian communities who you will meet with. Guided by our top Jewish-expert guides, you’ll see the most fascinating religious and cultural sites at intervals of travel that are in accordance with the Jewish faith. 

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And our Jewish Heritage Tour of China introduces you to the Jewish history of Tianjin, south of Beijing; Harbin, in the far northeast; Kaifeng and Xi’An in central China; and Shanghai, on the east coast of China. Jews and Judaism have a long history in China and proud architectural testaments to their presence still stand today. Come with us on a life-changing experience, guided by our top Jewish experts and guides whilst staying in carefully selected luxury hotels in each location.

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