Azura Benguerra Bazaruto Mozambique4 layer

A dhow trip to a deserted sand bar surrounded by the bright blue waters of the Indian Ocean may well by your most memorable moment at Azura Benguerra.

Ibo Island Lodge Cabo Delgado Mozambique4

Island-hop by traditional dhow at Ibo Island Lodge and spend an afternoon on your own sand bar lapped by the cobalt blue Indian Ocean.

Ibo Island Lodge Cabo Delgado Mozambique36

Meet some of the pupils from the Ibo Island Lodge community school - one of the Lodge’s many initiatives to provide opportunities for the local people.

Ibo Island Lodge Cabo Delgado Mozambique77

Discover the crumbling colonial old town of Ibo Island and learn about the island's role in its trade of amber, jet and silver.

Ibo Island Lodge Cabo Delgado Mozambique3

Sunsets at Ibo Island Lodge are often spectacular and always unforgettable, best enjoyed with a chilled glass of South African Chenin Blanc.

Ibo Island Lodge Cabo Delgado Mozambique117

Let Ibo Island Lodge create special memories on your holiday, like a poolside dinner at sunset, with the freshest crab, lobster and paw paw salad.

Ibo Island Lodge Cabo Delgado Mozambique16

Ibo Island Lodge, set within the Quirimbas National Park, is an ornithologist’s paradise, with hundreds of birds flying in to roost at sunset.

Ibo Island Lodge Cabo Delgado Mozambique26

Indulge in local rituals like a traditional Mozambique Musiro facial, where a paste similar to a mud mask is applied, keeping skin soft and healthy.

Ibo Island Lodge Cabo Delgado Mozambique100

Explore the greenery-clad mangrove swamps and river mouths of the Quirimbas National Park by dhow, kayak or stand up paddle board while staying at Ibo Island Lodge.

Ibo Island Lodge Cabo Delgado Mozambique81

Relax by the pool at Ibo Island Lodge and watch the traditional dhows head out to catch fresh fish, lobster and crab.

Ibo Island Lodge Cabo Delgado Mozambique18

Walk at low tide from Ibo Island Lodge to neighbouring Qurimba island and meet the fishermen who use traditional dhows to catch fresh seafood.

Ibo Island Lodge Cabo Delgado Mozambique69

Hear the wind creaking in the traditional sails of a dhow boat with a full staff of skipper, crew and chef to guide you on a adventure around the Quirimbas archipelago.

Dunes De Dovela Eco Lodge Nampula Mozambique56jpg

The stark beauty and undulating sand scrub will enthral you at the all-natural Dunes de Dovela Eco Lodge.

Dunes De Dovela Eco Lodge Nampula Mozambique47jpg

At Dunes de Dovela Eco Lodge you can enjoy a back-to-nature experience in a luxury bungalow crafted from natural materials with views of the sparkling Indian Ocean.

Dunes De Dovela Eco Lodge Nampula Mozambique57jpg

Dunes de Dovela Eco Lodge is the place to truly get away from it all. Its landscape is wild and remote, set up above vegetated sand dunes and backed by palm plantations.

Dunes De Dovela Eco Lodge Nampula Mozambique86jpg

Find inner peace whilst performing yoga on a sand dune in the remarkable scenery of Dunes de Dovela Eco Lodge.

Dunes De Dovela Eco Lodge Nampula Mozambique73

Flanked by verdant foliage and swaying palms the inland lake near Dunes de Dovela Eco Lodge is ideal for kayaking or simply observing the bird life that congregates at the water’s edge.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique260

Inspired by the Greek island of Santorini, the white domes of the Santorini Mozambique offer a truly authentic African welcome.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique150

Enjoy African hospitality at its best at the Santorini Mozambique, whilst letting panoramic views of the Indian Ocean wash over you.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique136

The curved white-washed buildings and azure swimming pool of the Main Villa at the Santorini Mozambique overlook the stunning Bazaruto Archipelago.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique11

Evenings at the Santorini Mozambique offer the opportunity for a wood fired pizza, or a seafood BBQ whilst admiring the sun setting over the Indian Ocean.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique111

Each suite at the Santorini Mozambique comes with a private terrace - perfect for sunbathing or sea-gazing.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique109

The Bazaruto Suite within the Main Suite has a beautiful white-on-white decor with natural touches of hessian and bleached wood.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique108

The Santorini Mozambique at Vilanculos overlooks Kingfisher Bay, a 10km beach ideal for horse safaris and biking.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique166

Observing the billowing sails of the traditional dhows zig zag across the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean will become a regular pastime at the Santorini Mozambique.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique15

Watch the evening light cast a pinky glow over mesmerising Kingfisher Bay from your private terrace at the Santorini Mozambique.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique138

Mealtimes at the Santorini Mozambique are a highlight with plenty of choice in their world-cuisine menu including favourites like Greek salad with grilled prawns.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique555

Huge sunny smiles await you from the staff at the Santorini Mozambique!

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique472

A typically gorgeous landscape from the Santorini Mozambique: flamingos inhabit a powder-white sand bar encircled by the bright blue Indian Ocean.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique277

Alfresco dining at its best: open fires, star-pricked skies and 4-course meals of fresh seafood and home grown vegetables.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique205

The Villa de Praia at the Santorini Mozambique is an exclusive villa perfect for intimate groups or families with unparalleled views of the Bazaruto archipelago.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique148

The sexy white lounge at White Pearl is a great place to relax with a drink at the end of a day at the beach.

The Santorini Vilanculos Mozambique146

... And here's the man to make it for you!

Nkwichi Lodge Lake Malawi East Mozambique37

Nkwichi Lodge is an untouched eco-paradise, with eight secluded beaches hidden within the foliage-clad shores of Lake Malawi.

Nkwichi Lodge Lake Malawi East Mozambique45

Just metres from every chalet at Nkwichi Lodge are the gin-clear fresh waters of Africa’s 3rd largest lake: Lake Malawi, perfect for snorkelling.

Nkwichi Lodge Lake Malawi East Mozambique13

Huge granite boulders are scattered along the beach. These boulders are also used to hew vast bathtubs for the chalets at Nkwichi Lodge.

Nkwichi Lodge Lake Malawi East Mozambique40

This is Nkwichi Lodge's star bed, placed on a granite boulder and surrounded by baobab trees: the perfect place to view the most unpolluted skies in the world.

Nkwichi Lodge Lake Malawi East Mozambique39

Nkwichi Lodge supports the organisation of several sporting and cultural events in the Manda Wilderness Community.

Azura Benguerra Bazaruto Mozambique13

The presidential villa at Azura Benguerra is exceptionally lavish and includes a 16m pool, treehouse and sundeck.

Azura Benguerra Bazaruto Mozambique19

The beach villas at Azura Benguerra have timber decks and infinity pools with views onto the soft sand and sparkling water of the Indian Ocean.

Azura Benguerra Bazaruto Mozambique20

Romantic, candle-lit evenings on the beach are just one of many gestures Azura Benguerra can make to ensure your holiday surpasses all others.

Azura Benguerra Bazaruto Mozambique18

At Azura Benguerra, the two-bedroom Villa Amizade, meaning friendship in Portuguese, comes with a Mozambican butler and 10 metre swimming pool.

Azura Benguerra Bazaruto Mozambique14

The presidential suite at Azura Benguerra opens straight onto a stretch of powder-soft beach, lapped by the Indian Ocean.

Azura Benguerra Bazaruto Mozambique8

Take a kayak out at Azura Benguerra and be dazzled by the sparkling cobalt-blue waters of the Bazaruto marine national park.

Azura Benguerra Bazaruto Mozambique5

Power through the surf at sunset on a specially-designed beach bike at Azura Benguerra.

Azura Benguerra Bazaruto Mozambique3

Enjoy a slice of culture from local children benefitting from Azura Benguerra's Rainbow Fund, which aims to support social and environmental projects.

Azura Benguerra Bazaruto Mozambique2

A visit to Azura Benguerra means a chance to contribute to the Rainbow Fund, which recently educated 400 children in its first school.

Azura Quilalea Cabo Delgado Mozambique1

Azura Quilalea: the ultimate private island hideaway circled by stunning coral reefs that shimmer like jewels.

Azura Quilalea Cabo Delgado Mozambique37

At Azura Quilalea, you can kayak through the lush mangroves spotting the plentiful bird and aquatic life.

Azura Quilalea Cabo Delgado Mozambique46

Dinner a deux, surrounded by flickering lanterns and the soundtrack of waves lapping the soft sand: this is Azura Quilalea.

Azura Quilalea Cabo Delgado Mozambique20

Let your Azura Quilalea butler run you a bubble baobab bath to enjoy with extra fizz as the sun sets: could life be any more luxurious?

Azura Quilalea Cabo Delgado Mozambique64

Villa Quilalea at Azura Quilalea, located on a private cliff top on the island, offers uninterrupted views and access by step ladder to a private beach with immediate off-shore snorkelling.

Azura Quilalea Cabo Delgado Mozambique49

Come to the African Spa at Azura Quilalea and be pampered in an open-sided spa pavilion where the gentle sea breeze keeps you cool.

Azura Quilalea Cabo Delgado Mozambique22

Beaches are for picnics: at Azura Quilalea expect champagne, seafood, privacy and an unforgettable sunset.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique69

White Pearl, located on Mozambique’s southern coast offers a kaleidoscope of underwater colour and a huge range of sea life.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique67

Scuba divers at White Pearl will be rewarded with a rich biodiversity of marine life and excellent visibility in the Indian Ocean.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique13

Scuba diving at White Pearl could mean magical sighting of the Loggerhead turtle.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique43

At White Pearl, submerge the deep blue Indian Ocean and get up close to one of the the sea world’s most magnificent creatures: the Loggerhead Turtle.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique2

Explore swim throughs, caves and fascinating coral gardens whilst diving the clear blue waters at White Pearl.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique40

Diving at White Pearl is a dream for avid underwater photographers, with macro opportunities at every turn, like this perfect composition of clownfish, anemone and anemone crab.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique30

Say hello to a Moray eel in the richly abundant waters of White Pearl, where you can scuba dive straight from the beach.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique64

Come face to face with colourful tropical reef fish at Ampersand's favourite dive spot, White Pearl.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique61

At White Pearl, you can swim with pods of playful dolphins and watch as they frolic around you.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique71

These shimmering shallows are like something out of a dream... White Pearl's sheltered bay is home to a myriad of sea creatures from migrating humpback whales and endangered turtles to friendly resident dolphins.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique83

White Pearl is located on 2km of pristine beach, backed by untouched tracts of bush, 100 kms south of Maputo.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique81jpg

The beach at White Pearl is home to the richest turtle nesting sites in southern Mozambique, which are monitored and protected by the resort.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique76 Copy

White Pearl has a licence for horse riding on the beach but you can also gallop amongst the bush paths weaving through indigenous flora and fauna.

White Pearl Maputu Mozambique75

Every single suite at White Pearl resort has a private plunge pool with a spectacular ocean-facing deck.

Coral Lodge Nampula Mozambique44

Coral Lodge, located on the tip of a peninsula, affords a great vantage point of the translucent blue seascapes and the emarald lagoon.

Coral Lodge Nampula Mozambique46

Take a luxury sunset cruise aboard a traditional dhow and allow the staff of Coral Lodge to serve you ice cold champagne and just-caught seafood.

Coral Lodge Nampula Mozambique29

Explore the estuaries by canoe from Coral Lodge and marvel at the clearer-than-clear waters. At high tide discover mangrove crabs and the varied birdlife that inhabit this area.

Coral Lodge Nampula Mozambique7

Let Coral Lodge arrange a luxurious lunch picnic for you on a pristine sand bar, where you can gaze at the mesmerising view of sea, sand and sky.

Machangulo Beach Lodge Nampula Mozambique114

Machangulo Beach Lodge has 17 rustic-luxe villas set within the enchanting forest dunes connected by wooden walkways that lead you onto the stunning beach.

Machangulo Beach Lodge Nampula Mozambique80

Enjoy invigorating sea views before a spa treatment at Machangulo Beach Lodge: either an immune boasting clay body mask, anti-oxidant facial or aromatherapy massage.

Machangulo Beach Lodge Nampula Mozambique81

The reefs off the coast of Machangulo Beach Lodge are filled with a dazzling array of tropical fish, dolphins and pretty coral gardens plus 17th century Portuguese wrecks for the adventurou diver to explore.

Machangulo Beach Lodge Nampula Mozambique95

Visit the tiny village of Santa Maria, set behind Machangulo Beach Lodge, and soak up the authentic and untouristy atmosphere at this local food market.

Machangulo Beach Lodge Nampula Mozambique5

Machangulo Beach Lodge is set amongst the golden sand dunes and verdant scrub of the secluded Machangulo Peninsula, just 45 minutes by speedboat from Maputo.

Machangulo Beach Lodge Nampula Mozambique73

Wildlife thrives in the dunes forests around Machangulo Beach Lodge, you may be lucky enough to spot a Vervet monkey.

Machangulo Beach Lodge Nampula Mozambique65

Be at one with the forest greens, aquamarine blues and bright whites of the stunning vistas around Machangulo Beach Lodge.

Machangulo Beach Lodge Nampula Mozambique56

Machangulo Beach Lodge is on the mainland of Mozambique on the channel overlooking Inhaca Island, but extremely inaccessible by road, which gives it the feel of an island escape

Machangulo Beach Lodge Nampula Mozambique35

Find solace amongst the ruggedly beautiful dune forests at Machangulo Beach Lodge - look out for birdlife including the Great White Pelican and African Fish Eagle.

Machangulo Beach Lodge Nampula Mozambique15

Spot Pied Kingfishers at Machangulo Beach Lodge and admire the largest bird able to hover.

Mozambique Anantara Bazaruto Aerial View

Anantara Bazaruto: the only resort on Bazaruto Island, the turquoise gem of the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Mozambique Anantara Bazaruto Clube Naval And Horses

The beautifully designed Anantara Bazaruto is elegant and smart, and makes the most of its jaw-dropping location. Activities are endless, try horse riding on the beach at sunset.

Mozambique Anantara Bazaruto Snorkelling

Bazaruto Island has some of the best diving in the world and here at Anantara Bazaruto you can dive with rays, whales, turtles and dugongs.

Mozambique Anantara Bazaruto Spiced Lobster With Chorizo Rice

Cuisine at Anantara is a highlight, fusing local dishes with a Mediterranean twist like this spiced lobster with chorizo rice.

Mozambique Anantara Bazaruto Dune Boarding 2Jpg

Dune boarding at Anantara Bazaruto is a must, not just for the thrill but also the opportunity to spend time amongst the lofty sand giants that overlook the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Mozambique Anantara Bazaruto Sailfish Bay

You’ll never tire of this mind-expanding paradise island view, whilst you experience absolute luxury at Anantara Bazaruto.



We have hand-picked a selection of Mozambique's top lodges and boutique hotels set on some of the most remote and ravishing beaches on earth. The standard and finish of these properties is immaculate with a fantastic level of service and attention to detail at every turn. The real joy lies in their remoteness and size, with most accommodating only a handful of guests, some with exclusive use of your very own private island. Special care has been taken to ensure that they are built from locally sourced materials and sensitively designed to ensure maximum privacy and comfort. Most are thatched and all have floaty, dreamy interiors with exquisite bathrooms and of course, those mesmerising views over the warm and enticing Indian Ocean. The food is a triumph and all ‘home made’ – from the bread to the coffee to the crab to the ice cream made with whatever fruit is in season. Nothing is too much trouble for the super-efficient and smiley staff who will treat you like royalty and wine and dine you with freshly prepared crayfish and lashings of delicious South African wines from their cellars.  

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